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    Angry About Under 18 Laws in SC

    Hey guys,i just signed up with this forum and i would like to say that everyone seems real nice!i joined the fire service about 10 months ago and i truely love it!i have learned a ton from everyone on my department helping me out.recently,OSHA passed a law around november 17th,that anyone under 18 had to start following certain guide lines....these include not riding in a fire apparatus to a call,no fighting any kind of fire,including small grass,brush,anything!cant put up any ladders.the only thing i can do is roll hose and get things people need.i am very angry about this law as i was ust to doing things that needed to be done on a scene.we are a small vol. fire department in harleyville,sc,and any help we get on a scene is great help.i was just wondering what others thought of this law as i feel is it wrong and that people are targeting younger people on purpose.

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    HRFD370... the reason for OSHA's ruling can be summed up in one word...liability!

    You can still be a great help on the fireground...in a support capability. Once you turn 18, you can start training as an active member and learn as much as you can.

    And on the eighth day...God created Firefighters!
    Captain Gonzo

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    Just to give some correction to this problem. The reason this has come up in SC is that the State Fire Academy got a ruling from the NATIONS LABOR LAWS that it is against the CHILD LABOR LAWS for a person under 18 to even be TRAINED as a firefighter. They can take SOME training as an explorer or something like that but they can NOT fight fires.

    I do not know if the original poster has been misinformed or what BUT all departments in the US should look into this.


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    Does anyone know where the documentation on the OSHA ruling is? I looked on www.osha.gov but didnt see anything dealing with this particular topic. All I saw was standards on Fire Protection.

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