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    Poin Guest

    Post SCBA Type.....

    We are looking into possibly buying new SCBA's in the near future. Currently, we use MSA 4500 UltraLite's and 4500 Customs's. We only have approx. 7 UltraLite bottles. We are looking for 4500 psi. systems w/ integrated PASS', quick-fill capable, and buddy-breathing capable. What do you use, what would you recommend, what should we look out for, and why?

    P.S. We are not tied to MSA. We are open to other vendors.

    Thanks in advance.......

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    P.P. Guest

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    My Department uses Scott 2.2's, We are going to start upgrading to the 4.5's when we put our new engine in service.

    I would strongly urge you to take a look at Scott. I have been a over-haul tech. on Scott's for over 13 years. And having worked on several of the other brands, I have found the Scott to be the lowest maintenance, and the easiest to use.

    Stay Safe!


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    First-Due Guest


    We use Scott 4.5 50 composite and love them

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    fireater Guest

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    We use MSA and have had great success with them The only others I would look at are scotts and ISI's

    Stay Safe and remember to put the wet stuff on the red stuff

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    ffnbs Guest


    We have been using ISI for the past six years and have not had any problems. We just converted all of our units to their new 'viking' mask and everybody seems to love them. Voice communication is excellant through the mask and it is effortless to breath from. Probably the greatest asset of the ISI is that it can be completely maintained in-house by trained personnel.

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    Poin Guest


    Thanks for the info. so far. One question; I'm not familiar with ISI. Where can we find more info on them? Do they have a Web Site? What does ISI stand for?

    Again, thanks for all the help......

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    mike021 Guest


    Anyone interested in the ISI please contact me. I can send info detailing all the products offered by ISI. Preferable South Eastern PA companies and the area.

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    HarleyGump Guest


    Our dept. is currently evaluating 5 brands of SCBA. They are Draeger, Interspiro, Scott, MSA, and ISI. The test we are using is similiar to the tests recently conducted by both Toronto and Philadelphia. If you would like to know some of our findings e-mail me . We have currently tested Scott, Interspiro, and ISI but are completing the tests in 1 week. It would be interesting to hear from any departments about Draeger and any problems they have had . Thanks.

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    Adze Guest


    We just finished phasing out the Scott 2.2's with Scott 4.5's (the 45 minute bottles). We decided 5 years ago to go with the longer minute bottles after an incident we had sent 3 firefighters to the hospital for smoke inhalation because they ran out of air while performing a rescue operation during a structure fire.

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    Texasff62 Guest


    In all honesty not to be in any bias, but the new Scott 4.5 offer the best bet. It has the best pack rack design, the face peice can be interchanged with older scott models. In addition I personaly like the the vibra alert on the face peice as well as the bell located close to the ear. Scott also provides the best service after the sale. good luck

    these are my opinions

    Kevin Wiseman
    Oklahoma State University School Of Fire Protection
    Ponderosa FD, Houston Texas

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    firelieut14 Guest


    Our Department uses Scott 4.5 with the integrated PASS device in the lower back part of the pack. Don't have a single complaint. My Volunteer department back in Orange County, NY uses the new SurviveAir packs with little or no complaints. Personally, I'm not a big fan of (have used both) Interspiro or ISI, with the exception of ISI's confined space excape bottles. ISI's face mounted regulator's LITTLE 'on/off' switch tends to break way too easily.

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    engco2432 Guest


    By far the best on the market is the Scott 4.5. Stay as far away from Survivair as you can. They seem to have been desienged by people who have never worn a pack for firefighting.
    You constantly lose a seal when you start to sweat. The pad on the backplate constantly comes off.
    Communication DOES NOT EXIST in these mask. Sounds like Charlie Browns teacher. They are light but, the weight is not distributed well. all the weight is on your shoulders , it should be more on your hips, like the Scotts.
    The M.S.A packs are an excellent choice also but have more experience with the Scott
    Stay Safe

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    Rich F Guest


    Although my heavily tied into Scott I personally like the MSA SCBA's.The biggest reason is the seperate exhalation valve,it must be a nice feeling knowing that your not going to be inhaling someone else's germs because the previous user did not decontaminate the regulator like they should.
    After each use when I clean my mask I try to clean the regulator the best I can, we have no policy or procedures for cleaning/decontaminating regulators.
    With MSA the regulator isnt an issue since you exhale through a seperate valve.
    Just my 2 cents. Stay Safe.

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    KVFD#8 Guest


    Does anyone have any experience with Drager? Also, what is ISI? I have never heard of this brand. My small volly dept. is looking at purchasing some new packs and I am leaning to MSA. Any comments appreciated!

    Wayne Hocking

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    LT-5-11-1 Guest


    poin i sent you an email talking about cairns airpacks please respond to that either way.
    keep it safe

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    ceno2749 Guest


    We use Scott and love them!!!

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    EUitts Guest


    We've been using Drager packs now for about two years and we have no complaints. We use the standard Air Boss pack with 4500 psi, 45 minute bottles. Unfortunately we don't have the integrated PASS option and the swiveling waistband/lumbar support...the budget would only go so far. We do have the buddy breathing option, it has worked very well in training, and we also have the detachable regulators. The packs are comfortable to wear and the mask fits well with a good field of vision. One very nice feature is the ability to switch out regulators, straps, etc. in the field without any specialized training. So, if a regulator becomes damaged, we just put a new one on the unit, send the damaged one back to the factory, and the pack is back in service. As far as problems go, we really haven't had any. We did damage a bottle in training, and discovered a minor regulator problem while conducting an annual posi-check test, and both times the support from the factory was super. Personally, I have always been very partial to Scotts. I think the Dragers might be a little trickier to learn than the Scotts, but no worse than any other brand we researched; with a good training program I don't think it's an issue at all. I would be very comfortable recommending Drager packs; I think as more folks learn about them we'll see them in more and more departments around the country.

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    Firelover Guest


    Go for Scott.....


    If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!

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    Fireboy422 Guest

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    We just put the newest INERSPIRO packs in service this month, those are unbelievable packs, you'd be hard pressed to get me to switch back to SCOTT!!!!

    -FF D. Betka
    Norton Shores, MI

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    esvfdfirefighter Guest


    we use msa, always have and have no complaints

    Tom Pysh
    Ellsworth/Somerset V.F.D.

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    Flochief Guest


    We currently use MSA here at the plant I work at but my vol dept. uses Scott 4.5. with no problem.

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    Firewalker454212 Guest


    Scott 4.5 50 composites. they rock!!!!They don't crack under pressure!at leaset ours don't!lol

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    LFD-METraining Guest

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    WE Use MSA Ultra lights with the hip mounted regulators at my career house. They suck
    At my vollie we use Scott 2.2. Thats seems to work very well for us.

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