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    Post NFPA 1710 and the FIRE act

    I was wanting your thoughts and opinions on these two subjects. Will these two help the fire service or will we never feel the effects of them? I was wondering because i hope one of these will help my department in getting us more man power and equipment.

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    This is probally a very stupid question. But what does NFPA 1710 say. I am not very political and dont know what alot of the NFPA stuff stands for.

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    I don't know about the Fire Act, but I've read a little about 1710. As with alot of NFPA regs. it has good intent and looks good on paper. But, in the real world is a different thing. Has anybody seen where combination departments fit in?

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    Check out Dec 2000 and Jan 2001 of Fire Engineering Magazine. It gives the particulars on NFPA 1710, plus comments from several fire service leaders across the country on its potential impact.

    The FIRE ACT is intended to be federal funding to fire departs for personnel, epuipment, etc. This is similar to the already existing grants to for police departments.


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