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    The way I see it is like this. If you are childish enough to leave your brothers and your comunity in a bad situation over a silly looking helmet, then what good are you to the dept anyway. If I was in your dept. I personaly wouldn't want you to come back, for the simple reason that if you left because of something trivial like that, there is no way in h*ll that I would trust you with my life on a fire ground. You just need to learn to "suck it up and walk it off"

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    An update to the situation and to give some background. I'll start by saying that when I started the post I'd just had gotten home form that meeting and was admittingly very ******ed off. As for the comments as to weather my complaints were really about the safety of the helmets, they were. I had fought for months against them and when he told me "if you don't like them there's the door" I naturally got a little hot headed and did so. I did not tell or ask anyone to fallow me, the fact that they did was strictly a decision they made for themselves. Now for the update, after a cooling off period I returned to the station and sucked it up (I'm not afraid to admit I was wrong) and apologized to the members for the way I had acted but stuck by my cause. I had found out that after I walked out the chief offered a compromise (I feel because of my actions). So I accepted and we no longer are required to wear the helmets that I fought against. So I feel that my actions did make a substantial difference in the final outcome. And as for the others, 5 of the 6 are back thanks to the compromise on both sides of the fight.

    All of this occured two days after the walk out. I couldne post it sooner cause my account is messed up and i couldn't log on.

    Stay Safe,
    Reappointed Lt. James Woda

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    listen up man, first of all i noticed someone said you give up your bars well as a vol. you dont get bars just a title. and you did what you thought was right i;m behind you all the way to hell with the naysayers.
    now that your free to do what you want go to the mayor himself(or herself)and tell whats going on thats where the final say so for money comes in.

    my thoughts are my own

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    Hey I know where your coming from I spent over $500.00 on a lightbar when the current chief was there he said it was ok. Then when MR. HIPICRIT Chief came in he said no more Full lightbars. Why is it when a Chief comes into office they think there GOD. With out men and woman firefighters there ain't no Chief just another Knucklehead playing God with redlights

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    I reallly wanted to stay away from this one, but I figured I throw my 2 cents in, being that I had a similiar situation a few years back when I was a vollie.

    While I believe that career or volunteer you should always conduct yourself professionally and have a set of rules, regulations and/or "guides." I also believe that there comes a time when knowledge supersedes authority. As far as walking out, I wouldn't have done that. You didn't accomplish anything but high blood pressure and the loss of something you apparantly enjoy and care about. I would have refused to wear the helmet you don't like, because, (don't take this the wrong way guys) I'm doing this on my time as a vollie. They can't cut my pay for not following a practice which I deem unsafe, when I don't get paid for doing it. I have the luxary that if it was something a few of us didn't like, we could take it to the union. I'd go back, and I'd buy my own helmet, and find out who else doesn't like it, but are too timid to stand up with you.

    The above is my opinion only and does not reflect that of any dept./agency I work for, am a member of, or deal with.

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