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    Post How do you deal with conflict?

    After reading the post about the vollies who resigned because of a dispute with their Chief; I was just wondering how different folks deal with the inter-personal conflicts in their lives and departments?

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    Dawn, I just praise the Lord we don't have to deal with them!! I have always appreciated the fact that our dept. is our extended family, but this forum just makes me appreciate it all the more!! Hopefully our "family" will always be able to discuss things before they get as out of control as the post you referred to!!

    God is our Fire Chief;
    Jesus is our Incident Commander.

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    Our department has had a "CIRCOM" Conflict Intervention and Resolution Committee for some time now. It was originally used to settle conflicts between the companies that comprise the department, but it has since been expanded to address conflicts between members and to intervene when things look like they may happen. Having two members "go postal" was a terrible experience - CIRCOM helps.

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    I tend to just take a breather when things get tense. My normal 75% response may drop to 40 or 50% and I don't hang around a lot and have to deal with the crap. Things usually settle back down pretty quickly.

    There always seems to be someone that you just can't get along with, I try to be decent with these types but keep my distance.

    Every family has their little spats. The trick is to keep them little.

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