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    Question Cost Recovery

    I need any info you have.

    My dept. would like our Board to adopt. a cost recovery ordinance for non-residents. We have a population of 2800 people and a daily commute population of 30,000 plus.

    1. I would like to know what you charge for an apparatus and manpower?
    2. What do you do if they don't pay?
    3. What percentage of bills you send out, that people pay?
    4. Is it worth the time?
    5. Any other information you can suggest.

    I want to thank you for your time

    A/C Malesky

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    We don't charge for fire services other than ambulance rides. However, we are looking into possibly charging alarm companies for multiple responses to certain businesses and residences that have them for false alarms.

    We feel that if we respond to them more than a few times within a certain time frame they should have a rep come and repair the problem.

    Fishers Fire Dept.
    Local 416

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    Our department also doesn't charge for any calls involving our residents as their being charged in their taxes. However we have recently implemented a charge for utility companies starting from the time we are dispatched until the time we turn the scene over to them. The difference in response times for the utilities has been amazing. I guess I'll expect my electric bill to increase accordingly.

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