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    Sonny Sampson
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    Post Wasting $$$ on Chrome for your Engine

    Does your department waste $$$ on chrome and other useless items that are good only for parades and dog and pony shows?? Isn't it much better to spend $$$ on equipment to better serve the community rather than blow it on fake, fancy junk???
    I believe in pride...but how far is too far???

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    I could't agree with you more Sonny. A Fire Engine is for putting out fires...not going to parades.

    About a year ago we got a new engine at work. Its a terrific piece..but the tight *** city wouldn't spend money on new equipment to go with the new engine. Some of the fellas at the station thought is was more important to pitch in our own money from the kitchen fund to buy chrome wheel inserts for about a grand.

    So now we are riding around shinny as hell without nozzles that work properly, and bare bones tools.

    What direction is the fire service going in man??? We are all forgetting the true purpose of our job!!!


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    I agree also..Some of these trucks I've seen in parades or at shows are crazy..towns have to much $ to spend so they decide to spend it on the dumbest things like tons of diamond plate or chrome this and chrome that..WHY? I mean..you got the money to buy New tools...even if there not that old BUY some more new ones anyway....IT makes me laugh...at these big judging parades...its always the big huge chrome filled trucks that win...not the WORKING firetrucks....who's members put there blood,sweat & tears (cleaner fumes) j/k.into cleaning their truck while still managing to keep it in service...then to go to a parade..and get shot down cause Oh this town has a brand new Engine or Ladder and they wash and wax it after every call..and cover scratches up etc..its crazy how some companies are obsessed over there trucks...But back to the point of the thread..SUre we'll by a little new thing here or there WHEN we make sure ALL our equipment that is needed or in need of updating..Is up to date and in working order...We all deserve an award once in a while so We'll get some new hub caps put on...but before we buy them...like i said..We all sit down and decide..Do we really need those hubcaps or can anyone think of a tool we might need..and if the idea is good enough..the tool it is..Equipment comes first before all that fancy stuff....

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    Have you taken any classes on management lately? Don't you know that its more important to look good than to be good at what you do?

    Its a know fact that the more chrome & flashing lights you have on a piece, the faster the fires go out. You can find it in scholarly publications. Don't ask me the particulars, as you must possess a masters degree to understand it.

    So pony up some more money fellas, they just came out with a chrome plated ultra lightbar 21,000........yeh hah....

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