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    Angry Detroit F.D. Disciplinary Actions

    The firefighters in Detroit have always tried to get our problems with equipment and all other facets corrected for years. Now the department is going to punish all of us who choose to talk. Even though federal law protects whistle blowers, this means nothing to the administration. This helps prove that we are not at fault for the departments problems, the administration does not want the general public to know that the civilians who are so inept are running a department they know nothing about. Give the department back to firefighting personnel and only good will come from it.

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    I could'n have said it better Lt.

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    I mentioned something about this under the other Detroit FD thread. I just can't believe this new twist. First, Archer comes out and promises a new, reworked department. So what?? He gives them a lump of money. That will change NOTHING if he leaves this incompetent and inept administration without major reform. That money will be misspent or never spent without a major reform in the administration.

    I applaud the courage of the firefighters pushing for reform. Keep up the good work gentlemen. For all the adversities that you face day in and day out, the firefighters (NOT the administration) do an admiral job.


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