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    Question Cairns Viper TIC Battery Problems

    I have personal experience with two CAIRNs VIPER cameras which have had problems with battery capacity. I would like to know of anyone else who has had problems such as batteries failing to provide the advertised 90 minute capacity or additional batteries failing to charge. I would also be interested to know what type of response/service you have obtained form CAIRNS in regard to the problems.

    Thanks For Your Reply !
    Joe Pechacek

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    Tom Granat
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    I don't know what type of battery your TIC uses but if they are Nicad, you must charge and discharge them three times before the battery will accept its rated capacity charge.

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    Tom Granat
    Firehouse.com Guest


    After some further research, the same is true for NiMH batteries, they must be discharged and charged 3 or 4 times before they will meet their rated capacity.

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