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    Post Central States Quality?

    I am seeking recommendations and information on Central States engines. What experience have you had with them, both good & bad. We may purchase one with an aluminum body, roll up compartment doors & 1250 pump.

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    Our dept has just purchased 3 from Central States. We havent' recieved them yet probably by the end of this summer. They are HME chassis with Hale pumps. The only problem so far has been that in comparison to other cab/chassis combos, the HME is bolted together instead of welded. So we ordered the cabs to be bolted with Huckbolts. I'll keep you in mind and update you after we recieve them.

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    We have an Engine Tank coming in this summer from Central States on an HME chasis...anyone receive anything similar lately? If so, what are your thoughts?

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    Call Hannibal Missouri Fire Dept. They bought one last year, and I have been told they have had nothing but trouble.

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