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    I think you see that the Federal Q is the standard by which all other sirens are judged. I just want to add that I have noticed over the years that electronic sirens seem to put out a sound that is non-directional. Have you ever been outside and heard an electronic siren sounding, but could not really tell what direction the sound was coming from? At the same time, I have heard the scream of the "Q" and could tell immediately where to look to see the trucks.

    A word of caution, these are very loud sirens indeed. I would suspect that of all sirens produced, the Federal Q has the most potential to cause hearing damage. Care should be taken to properly mount the siren on the apparatus and to avoid sounding it in situations where someone could be over exposed to the sound.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    i concur with the majority. fed. Q2 and grover air horns is what the Creator had in mind when he gave one of our forefathers the idea of combining the internal comustion engine and the fire pump..... last summer, went to my neighbor's wedding. right in the middle, when the church was absolutely still, an engine, Q and horns blaring, went by the church. i turned to my wife and asked "why didn't we think of that?"

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    Capt. Lou
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    Only real firetrucks have a Q2. There is no other "real siren" for a firetruck. The "Q2" is "the siren"!

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    No other way to get there - Q2!!!

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    FORT ff
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    The Federal Q is the only way to go. Just an electronic doesn't do that job, no one can ever hear it except the guys sitting in the truck. The Q gets people moving.

    FF/EMT Fort Washington Fire Co. Sta. 88

    These are my own ideas and opions and do not refelt the Fort Washington Fire Company is anyway.

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    The Q! There is none higher. About the Whelen X-Ecuter siren, it is really cool but still not as loud as a Federal Q2B. It can do the "Mechanical Siren" sound, wail, yelp, piercer, HiLo, 2 different electronic air horn tones, as well as a "Ringing Bell" like on an antique truck. Of course, normal Manual Stop, PA, and Radio-Rebroadcast like any other electronic siren.

    We have electronic sirens on all of our trucks and Q's on 2 of them as well. If you have the electronic siren going and wind up the Q, it will scream over it!

    I also would agree that teh Q can be heard inside other cars much better than an electronic. Federal has Whelen beat with the Q, just don't get me going on Lightbars!


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    Gotta love the Q!!!
    Put the electronic siren on yelp or phaser, stomp the Q button to the floor and yank the crap out of the airhorn cord!!!
    Nothing, I mean NOTHING, will move traffic like a Q siren. Like was said before, if it don't have a Q, It ain't a real fire truck!!!

    Be safe, all!

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    Oh HELL yeah the Q is the way to go. Electronic sirens are for police cars and ambulances (and the odd vollie). There's no sound in the world quite like a Federal Q.

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