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    nomad1085 Guest


    The Q! There is none higher. About the Whelen X-Ecuter siren, it is really cool but still not as loud as a Federal Q2B. It can do the "Mechanical Siren" sound, wail, yelp, piercer, HiLo, 2 different electronic air horn tones, as well as a "Ringing Bell" like on an antique truck. Of course, normal Manual Stop, PA, and Radio-Rebroadcast like any other electronic siren.

    We have electronic sirens on all of our trucks and Q's on 2 of them as well. If you have the electronic siren going and wind up the Q, it will scream over it!

    I also would agree that teh Q can be heard inside other cars much better than an electronic. Federal has Whelen beat with the Q, just don't get me going on Lightbars!


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    ceno2749 Guest


    Gotta love the Q!!!
    Put the electronic siren on yelp or phaser, stomp the Q button to the floor and yank the crap out of the airhorn cord!!!
    Nothing, I mean NOTHING, will move traffic like a Q siren. Like was said before, if it don't have a Q, It ain't a real fire truck!!!

    Be safe, all!

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    trumpeter75 Guest

    Thumbs up

    Oh HELL yeah the Q is the way to go. Electronic sirens are for police cars and ambulances (and the odd vollie). There's no sound in the world quite like a Federal Q.

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