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    Question Easy questions to help a future FF

    Since most everybody in these forums seem willing and ready to help, i was hoping i could ask a few questions that could sound a little juvenile, but i gotta learn sometime.
    ok,#1 - turnouts,bunker gear,station wear etc. what's the diff.
    #2 - what are the normal trucks for dept's to have, rescue (what is it), ladder, engine, etc. why do you sometimes call a nutual aid?
    #3 SOG, ISO, PASS, whats it stand for
    and #4 - say i got in to a fire academy, does that gaurantee me a job right after in that city, or would i have to wait?
    thanks very much for your time.

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    Okay to answer your first question-
    Station wear is usually called "station blues" because it is a fire department t-shirt usually blue with blue work pants. Bunker gear is the same as turnout gear. Its easier to call it just "GEAR".
    A rescue truck carries specialized tools that support fire operations or respond to motor vehicle accidents. They carry stuff like the Jaws of Life (Spreaders), hydraulic cutters, saws, and the stuff too specialized or expensive to have on every engine or ladder. The ladder is kinda vague, they always have a hydraulic ladder on top between 55 feet and 100+ feet. They also have alot of extension (ground) ladders. They sometimes have pumps that flow water. Some ladder terms are squirts, ladders, trucks,aerials, and quints, they all mean the same thing loosely. The engine has lots of hose that puts water on the fire. Mutual aid is called when the fire is too large for responding units in that area to handle by themselves. Most fire departments don't have the funding or manpower to fight every fire so they work out a deal with neighboring fire departments to share equipment, and manpower.
    SOG is a Standard Operating Guidelines that say loosely how fires are fought in a department. ISO is the Insurance Standard Organization (if anyone needs to correct me feel free), and PASS is a Personal Alarm Safety System that goes off when you lay in active for a period of time or when the crap has hit the fan.
    4 - Most departments won't send you to the academy unless they plan on hiring you.

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    Well, looks like he pretty much covered it. I will say that you can go into an academy on your own and then go looking for a department afterward. I would also say that in some minds there is a difference between bunker gear and turnout gear. When someone says turnout gear they may be referring to the old long coats and hip boots. Back in the day they didn't wear bunker pants and they just had really long thigh-high boots and coats that hung to just above their knees.

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    I have been talking to some Houston area FFs and they said that West University is a young area and that they are a paid dept. So how could it be that you are member of that dept.? When they just hired and you are at OSU instead of being on the job?

    The statements above are my own opinions

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