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    Justin Gershon Guest

    Post The Federal Q2B

    Hye all I just wanted to let you know that the Q is the best sound ever! Nothing like comeing home from a hard days work, gettin banged out on a full box, and clearing the traffic with the Q blastin! that's what im talkin about folks!

    Tally ho!
    Altamont Vol FD
    Albany co NY

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    Can you say W-A-C-K-E-R little boys and girls? Dude, you need to re-evaluate why you are in the fire service field.....

    "The Dawg"

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    Jake295885 Guest

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    Man you seriously need laid, do you have a girlfriend? People like you should not be allowed into any firehouse. i'll bet youve never even kissed a girl have you? come on man grow up..........

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    firefighter15_wv Guest


    Did i miss something? Is it wrong to like the sound of the "Q"? If not, it sure sounds like it. *********s

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    FFTrainer Guest


    First things first, there are many things better than "clearing traffic with a Q" after a hard days work. My hot tub or couch are 2 that quickly come to mind!!!

    Now since it is our job to respond to other's people catastrophes, whenever they may arise, it is good to know you have the old Q to lean on to take out some frustration at some of our oblivious driver humans out there.

    Dawg -- I see this is your first post?? Welcome to the forums, you picked a hell of a way to make an entrance -- bashing someone by calling them a whacker. I guess not everybody is quite as cool as you think you may be. You will quickly see that post like that will get a thread locked by the Webteam.

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    firehat87 Guest


    Hey Firedawg, I guess we're not all as altruistic and wholesomely motivated as you are. I too love the Q2, and there is nothing wrong with discussing something that brings you joy. Justin obviously loves the fire service and just wanted to share his joy. I can't stand people like you firedawg, you think you are so much better than everyone else. And speaking of woo-woos, as we call them, what kind of name is firedawg?

    In Omnia Paratus

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    Philip C Guest

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    Here in the DC metro area a popular sound in addition to the Q is the G.E. Powercall electronic siren. Its warble is the coolest electronic siren sound and sounds awesome with the Q. Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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    Come on, it's not about the lights and sirens. It's about getting off the rig and helping people that are relying on only you. It's about getting to the scene and doing the best job you can. It's definately not about who can make their "woo-woo", as you call it, make the best sound enroute to the scene. I can think of alot more things that you need to be doing in that front seat than gettin off on the sound of the siren. I don't even pay attention to the siren when I'm on the rig, I'm to busy running a sizeup through my mind. Its guys like you that ruin the image of the fire service, not me. I never said I was cool or better than anyone, I just gave my opinion. I thought that is what a forum was for whether you agree or not. And FF trainer, I can post whatever I please as long as I am not swearing. This isnt your personal diary, it's a forum to post opinions.

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    DRA-252 Guest


    Let's hope it's not all about lights and sirens (but did you notice the threads with the most posts deal with those two issues). Anyway my 2 cents, let Justin have his youthful exhuberation, that wears out pretty quickly anyway.

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    BTFD11-19 Guest


    yeah, its sounds like $7000.00!

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    SteamTrain Guest


    I personnally preferr the sound of a 3 chime steam whistle off a Southern RR Ps2 4-6-2. Now that's worth screaming about

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    Capt. Clay Guest


    I'll second that, Steamtrain!! Talk about not making them like they used too! Makes Amtrak look wimpy in comparison.

    Be safe, have fun!
    Captain Clay Rheinlander
    South Hays Fire & Rescue

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    391HD Guest


    If it's not about lights and sirens, then why on earth are fire trucks equipped with them?!?!?!

    If you think the sound of a siren is not important, then don't use lights and sirens at all! Then see how many are attracted to the business.

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    mike021 Guest

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    Well fella's, sorry to say but I am a wacker, but I do get laid. I loooove the sound of a ripping fed. Q, with a hint of BLASTING airhorns. As for the electric sirens on a fire truck... all I have to say is it's a fire truck... not a ambulance. Working in center city Philadelphia, Squrt 43, and Ladder 29, I beleive, are right up the street and they fly around the city. My face is glued to the window when they go but and my heart races at the sound of a Fed. Q and airhorns. I do openly admit I am a wacker and need lots and lots of help=)

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    FFTrainer Guest


    Steamtrain -- I have to agree with you on your fav. sound being the Steam Whistle off a locomotive. It is a rather impressive sound (I still like the Q but I'm a self professed whacker at times and can admit it). It does bring to mind one question for you and it goes a little something like this.....

    If I agree with you on the steam whistle being an awesome sound, does this mean I have to go back and change my reply on calling myself firefighter to fireman instead? I mean isn't it the fireman who shovels coal into a steam engine to make it go???

    Sorry about that.... Didn't mean to try to make a joke in my "Personal Diary".

    Hey Dawg, do me a favor and take a step back and realize something you should already know -- our job is very stressful by its nature. Of course there is so much more to it than lights and sirens -- umm... that would be where the stress comes from?!?! It's nice every now and then to take a subject like the sound of a Q and discuss it a little bit without being told "It's people like us ruining the fire service." because you know what?? I will NEVER ruin the fire service!! I love every ounce of the fire service. Its traditions, its history, the overwhelming feeling of self satisfaction you get helping restore order to a fellow human's life, its BROTHERHOOD, EVERYTHING!!

    It is all those things that drew me into the fire service, it is all those things that will keep me proudly serving in it and it is all those things that will keep me supporting it after my active years have passed me by and I'm out fishing somewhere peaceful (with no Q or Steam Whistle to be heard), but it makes it a little easier every now and then to talk about a stress free subject like a favorite sound and take a mental break to get away from the thoughts of the 6 year old I cut out of a car that was hit head on by a drunk driver last shift.

    We need to keep a little sanity in this world we serve and realize that not every subject is about life or death -- some are just for fun because someone may have wanted to blow off a little steam (sorry for the unplanned pun there!!)

    Stay safe out there! You never know what's coming!!

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    RJE Guest


    Steam whistles and Fed Qs! Now for a real trip. My church (yes, church!) owns it's own narrow gauge railroad. Just over 1m of track on their summer camp. The camp is in a rural area w/a volunteer FD 15m away. The camp is "old west" style, so lots of wood frame buildings.

    Now comes the fun - They have their own FD. Somewhere they picked up a 1966 Boardman on a Ford F-700 standard cab-over chassis. One day the train (since converted to propane) lit a fire w/blowing cinders in the brush. So I got to hear the Q as they responded across the camp to the brush fire, while the train was still going, blowing the steam whistle.

    Related note, does anyone have (or even remember) the "baby q". I have one (not mounted) that looks like a Fed Q, but only about 5" across the face. The front plate (and name) is gone, so I don't know who made it. I got it surplus, because the motor was out. I fixed it w/a motor from a dishwasher (only slight mods to the "bullet" cover required). It's not quite the same, but I can imagine some BCs or vollies drooling over having one on their car or POV.

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    East Haddam#1firefighter Guest


    Hey, you guys all need a life!!! The Federal Q does sound nice, but the Whelen Executor is a hell of a lot better!! It sounds better, has more sound options and it draws less amps out of your batteries!!! So go with the in-crowd and go with Whelen!!!

    Shawn Daigle
    East Haddam F.D.
    East Haddam Connecticut

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    tlfd600 Guest

    Thumbs up

    Hey I am with you on the Q I have heard them but none of my trucks have them, tried to get them to do it but way too much money. But what is wrong with getting a little joy out of your stressful life. Sure I am young and love to help people and put out a big fire and save life and property, but what is wrong about running code 3. You can call me a whacker all day long if you want I personally do not care I do have strobes and wig wags on my F150. It was a partial atraction to me at first, but I have gotten over it. I am now an interior attack fire fighter and a certified EMT-B that can defibrilate and work on an ambulanc. And Justin make sure you storbe that fire truck out as much as you can, along with air horns, and an electronic siren running yelp while the Q is going. And to Jake I got some about an hour ago

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    pyroknight Guest


    Sniff! Sniff! I just love you guys!

    Where else in the world can you get an exchange like this?

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    LtStick Guest


    We have three Fire Trucks with Q's on them. I think theres nothing wrong with idea that someone enjoys the sound of them. I to like the sound of a Q its really cool when you can hear a rig coming a couple miles away with one running. Although there are some people who need lessons running them. there have been times I've heard them and it sounds like they never let there foot off the pedal. It sounds like the Q is going into over drive. The pitch is very high.
    Well I guess I'm a wacker to no biggy been called far worse before.

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    mike021 Guest


    Anyone have a EQ2B? It is a Fed Q, only is electronic. I bet you are all thinking man that has got to sound like crap, it doesn't. I thought the same until we heard a demo and I swear to you guys, it's a tiny bit louder then the Q2B. Sounds exactly the same also. It draws less amps on the system and we are getting it on our new engine.

    This is your brain... Pierce
    This is your Brain on drugs..... E-One

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    HHoffman Guest

    Thumbs down

    With all the issues the fire service has to face, we are talking about Q's??? This is just like the leather helmet issue. I don't care if we have to stick our Metro covered heads out the window and scream to clear the traffic. It the mission that is important! No matter how you slice it this is a job. Color and make of vehicles, type of helmets or Q's don't put the fire out or save the person with a heart attack.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    FFTrainer Guest


    "With all the issues the fire service has to face, we're talking about Q's?"

    You betcha!!! Why should every subject we talk about be the doom, gloom and stress we face responding the various levels of emergencies that make up our jobs?

    Are we not entitled to talk about some less serious subjects like the Q, our helmet preference, etc. and maybe, just for a minute take a step away from it all?

    I will go toe to toe with anyone on endless fire service discussions, but there always comes a time where you just need a non-serious subject to unwind with (kind of like the Q when you take your foot off the pedal ) or you may just become that Heart Attack a medic engine is trying to get to, with their metro covered head screaming out the window, because the built up stress has gotten to you.

    FYI - I mean you in the generic term, not directed at anyone!

    Stay safe!

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    RJE Guest


    Hey LtStick, ever consider that they might be using it right?

    They did a study, a few years back (maybe 15 or so) that I can't find anymore, but here's the gist of their conclusion.

    It's not the volume that cuts through the soundproof cars w/radios and A/C blaring. It's not the frequency, either. It's not even the harmonic overtones inherent in a "mechanically" produced sound.

    What they found out was, if you wind the Q as far as it will go, as you come up behind the ?? with the radio blasting, then take your foot off the switch. It's as the freq of the sound drops into the audible range, while at max volume, that cuts through to the driver.

    Wish I could find the study to substantiate that, but I'm sure it's too old to be on the internet. Can anybody else help out?

    Oh, one other thing. See the ?? referring to the driver two paragraphs up? We have a term for the guys that put 14 lightbars and a Q on their pickup. Why don't we have a term for the clueless driver? Suggestions, anyone?

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    Ford45 Guest


    A fire truck just isn't a fire truck without a "Q"!!! Hey, HHoffman, Firedawgx, East Haddam, I think you guys are the ones that need to get laid, maybe then you won't be such hard *****es that take life too seriously. People like you get threads shut down, which I'm supprised hasn't happened yet. Maybe the ones that don't know what the fire service is all about are the ones that forgot where it came from. No antique engine I every saw had an electronic on it. Come on guys!! Relax a little bit. Go sit in that hot tub, it'll ease some tention!! I don't know about you, but I don't wanna be part of any occupation if your not allowed to have a little fun in the proccess. Lighten up and stay safe. Peace.

    Newtown Fire Association
    Station 45

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