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    FFCode3EMT Guest


    My department uses 150' 1.75" preconnects on all apparatus and the Tower has an additional 150' 2.5" preconnect. Our Engine/Tanker also has a Skid Load (200' 3" to a gated wye then 150' of 1.5) for rural structure fires.

    **The preceding comments in no way represent the views of my department, its members, or associations that it may belong to.**

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    craiggEMT Guest


    We use 1 3/4" preconnects. We did use a combo of 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" but the 1 1/2" was phased out.

    Stay Safe, Stay Alive!!

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    ChiefMcD Guest


    1 3/4"
    2 1/2"

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    ffeng Guest


    You guys want everyone else to quote a source. I gave them to you - it's black and white in NFPA 72, Factory Mutual fire test reports, NIST reports, etc. You don't mention one source I can go to. Like I said, practice what you preach.
    Let's see some sources. Give us some real sources that we can go to and that will verify what you say.
    I gave you actual sources of the data. You don't even make mention of those sources and just start making unsubstantiated comments.

    First, acknowledge the sources I quoted and either recognize their legitimacy or refute them with real data or some other source.
    Second, if you are then going to make different claims - give us the source of your data/information.
    There's a sign in the testing lab I work next to. It says "1 test is worth a 1000 expert opinions."
    I'm not interested in your opinion of fire growth. If you've got real data or a recognized source, let's see it.

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    FFEMTP1163 Guest


    We have gone to using 2" almost exclusively. We have found that while the 1 3/4" is more manuverable, the knock down potential of the 2" with a nozzle setting of 150 gpm is quicker. We run both sizes on our engines and our quint.

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    LHS* Guest


    Sources both NFPA Fire Protection Handbook and Almanac. Oh, and real life, everyone on this forum knows fires do not double every 30 seconds, it isn't true.

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    hef8 Guest


    1.75" with a TFT auto nozzle is a very workable line. We use it on all attacks(except for that big fire that may happen once a year). We flow at 150psi as SOP. Some guys like a little less pressure, but 150psi feels just right for me.

    "smoke'em if you got'em"

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