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    Wally57fire Guest

    Question Helmet Help !

    I have decided that i want to go leather, and i have narrowed my search to two helmets.
    THe New Yorker or The Houston. I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some pros and cons on each. Thanks For the help.

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    RescueCoFireman Guest


    The only difference is that the Houston has a puncture resistant feature in it's impact cap and the New Yorker doesn't. I have a New Yorker and I think that it's a great helmet. Granted mine is has no impact cap, it's good just the same. Both are going to give you great protection but the New Yorker is a few dollars cheaper than the Houston. Save yourself a few bucks and go with the New Yorker.


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    Wally57fire Guest


    Another question i have is how high do these helmets sit on you head?

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    Mike DeVuono Guest


    Depends on whether or not you take out the rachet and sponge. Check through the forums, this topic has been discussed thoroughly. You should be able to find the answers to all your questions. Take care.

    Mike DeVuono

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    FORT ff Guest


    You have to be really careful when you buy it , check with your company SOPs and find out whats allowd and whats not allowd. Many departments won't allow the New Yorker because it is not NFPA certified, granted it does have OSHA, but many departments require NFPA. the Houston is NFPA and they don't look all the much different, just becareful you don't get burned by the system.
    all the best,

    These are my own ideas and opinions and do not reflect the Fort Washington Fire Company in anyway.

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