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    Question Oder of Training

    In 4 months, I will be an EMT-B and will have 2 choices:

    1) Go to school immediately for a AS in Fire Science.

    2) Search for an EMS agency that will employ me (I am only 19, so this probably will be very difficult).

    So what do you think? Go to school and then train as paramedic, and then apply as a FF? Go to school and then train as paramedic, work a year or two as a paramedic, and THEN apply? Try to find an agency and work as an EMT-B while training as paramedic, THEN go to get a degree in Fire Science?


    CFR, Bard EMS

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    If it is within your means (financially, time, etc) I say get the education. With the route that many municipalities are taking in creating Medic Engines and combining job functions, I think you are more marketable if you come in with the education. It is always easy to say you will go back and do it later, but believe me when it becomes working your shifts and trying to fit in a class schedule, it gets rather demanding and difficult.

    Good luck in any choice!

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