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    trumpeter75 Guest


    Firefighter! "firemen" work for the railroad in a locomotive.

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    fieryred Guest


    I have heard the term "fire person,fire woman"...give me a break! I am a fire fighter and will be a fire fighter until I hang my boots up. We all wear the same uniform, it shouldn't make a difference.

    These views are mine alone and may not reflect the views of the department I work for.

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    CousinVinny354 Guest


    I am not PC, and I always was around FDNY firehouses when I was growing up. I say FIREMAN, unless I am kicking it to one of the female fire fighters. According to Microsoft Word, Firefighter is 2 words, FIREMAN is recognized, firefighter is not. If Microsoft says fireman, I am a fireman. there are also firechicks. My friends call us fire dudes and the people in the ghetto call us FIREMANZ.. "Hey firemanz"

    No matter what we call ourselves, we are all brothers and sisters.

    Be safe

    Primo Vincenzo

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    Nick SBFD 6 Guest


    Until this was posted I don't think i've ever noticed what I say in conversation, I use both Firefighter and Fireman without any care for PC or Whom I may be talking to, the fact of the matter is, people know what you mean by both and all of the Politicly Correct people in the world need to find a tree to hug and leave us normal folk the heck alone!!! Where do you keep your trucks? a fire house or a fire station? sounds like a silly question doesn't it? The bottom line is who cares? Not this fireman.

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    Les.H Guest


    Call me what you want, as long as it's not late for tea. I'm being paid to be a Firefighter by my employer and my contract states that.

    Ian, the answer to Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper will ignite.

    Kindest regards & keep safe,

    Sprinkle (UK)

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    iwood51 Guest


    Originally posted by hagerff/emti:
    Firefighter is what were called here.

    isnt there a song called: I'm a Fireman that's my name???

    It's called The Fireman by george Strait, but it has nothing to do with fighting fires, it's about him putting out his old flames. Circa 1985 if I remember right.

    Thanks Les I didn't think anyone notice my Trivia question

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    Fyrball105 Guest


    Ok I too, have not noticed which I use most often, depending on who I'm talking to or where I'm at> Not getting in the PC stuff, or what Webster says> (my dad was a fireman, at school he works at, also served as chief at fire dept.) Don't be knocking fireman, as far as what I call myself, the kids at the school, I teach fire prevention at call me "fireman Chris" and that's good enough for me

    [This message has been edited by Fyrball105 (edited 01-25-2001).]

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    firecadet613 Guest


    It doesn't matter to me....but normally I say firefighter.


    Joe Thomson

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    snowball Guest


    Personally, I dont' care professionally,I use the term "Firefighter". My co-workers sometimes call me "stupid", or many other names that I wont' mention here. I have many names for them in return( all in fun).
    I think I'll go with the Spanish term "BOMBERO" that sounds pretty cool.

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    R1smketr Guest


    Any one of us employed (or volunteer)are known as a "Firefighters", but it takes a little more to be a "Fireman"!! Just a thought.

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    Jake295885 Guest


    Call me a City Fireman.....R-1 you are exactly right.....There are lots of firefighters here but only a few firemen.

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    RS-1Alum Guest


    I'm pretty sure there were firemen long before there were boiler workers, Navy dudes and railroad workers. What ever floats your boat or your outfit says....but I won't change it for a female. When people are judjed by there peers on my job the simply say..."yeah, he's a good FIREMAN."

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    Skidz Guest


    WHAT do they call me at work?




    Member IAFF Local 1664

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    ArmyTruckCompany Guest


    "Combustion Suppression Engineer"


    I prefer firefighter!!

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    windham3 Guest


    I usually say firefighter. I don't really care which is "PC", I just think it's a better description of the job.

    Bradford County PA.
    Department 19

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    paddymeboy Guest


    fireman, firehuman, firefighter, hell you could call me Al. just don't call me a Sh_t Bird.

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    hfdeng2 Guest


    I have to laugh,

    I found a book at my mothers house that belonged to me when I was a child. It was a "Little Golden Book". It is titled "Fire Engines". The title they used for those who were fighting the fire was "firemen". I have 3 small children now. They received an updated IDENTICAL book. The title, the pictures, everything was the same except for 1 thing. They now referred the same folks as "fire fighters"

    Personally, I use both interchagably whether I am referring to a male or female. This will be an argument until fire becomes extinct.

    Just to let you know, all the characters in both books on the job are male. The last page of the book shows an 8 man, open cab, tailboard riding crew driving away returning to quarters. Hmmm, I wonder what else has changed in 30 years!?!

    The caption on the last page in my book: "Hurray for the brave firemen!"

    The caption on the last page in my kids book: "Hurray for the brave fire fighters!"


    Bob Fields
    Engine Co. 2
    Hobart Fire Dept, Indiana

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    ipfireman2000 Guest


    i consider myself a firefighter. I have been on the iowa park fire dept for a little over 1 year and it has been the best times of my life. It has been an honor being able to become a firefighter

    the few, the proud, the insane-ipfd

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    ceno2749 Guest



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    FFCode3EMT Guest



    **The preceding comments in no way represent the views of my department, its members, or associations that it may belong to.**

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    Bad Tim Guest


    Since I was a kid, my father always corrected me when I said fireman. He beleved that a fireman shovels coal on a train. He was a firefighter. He's also the least PC person I know.

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    Fyresq50 Guest


    Actually, the way I look at it, is that Firemen save basements.

    Firefighters do a hot, dirty,thankless job at all hours, in the worst of conditions, some without pay, continually seek education to find ways to do their job safer and more efficiently, go above and beyond the call of duty to save lives and property from an enemy that knows no boundries. And they Love it.

    Take Care and stay safe,


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    emsbrando Guest



    Ed Brando

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    tracyant Guest


    Firefighter definitely. Fireman is okay too,
    but, PLEASE don't use fireperson!

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    Fireman_Frank Guest


    This is kinda ironic. I usually use the term firefighter. The nickname Fireman_Frank I picked up in college. I was a volunteer(and still am) and some friends of mine started calling me Fireman_Frank. It just stuck.

    Stay safe all!

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