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    Post Ever seen a 350psi Natural Gas Main Explosion?

    The first line that went was 60psi, the heat generated from it caused the second 350psi main to explode. We arrived on scene just as the main went... The cause was ruled to have been unknown/accidental. Due to the amount of damage from the heat, it was near impossible to even recognize the transmission station that was once there.

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    Great lookin pictures!

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    I"VE SEEN A BIGGER ONE!! this one was a few years ago..lots of destruction...it was a bad fire..could see it for miles and mile the flames were so high...you can see in the pictures how bad it was...

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    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    Wow! Might I say, that's quite impressive! One thing I must say is unique about these pressurized gas fires, is the sound. I was second engine in, on the pictures I had posted earlier, the only thing the sound could be compared to was a jet engine. The flames reached around 200' at it's peak. Oddly enough, we had calls coming as far away as 20miles to report a plane crash, it was so loud/bright. I'm glad most of these LP/natural gas emergencies don't happen all to often, such as the mine and Engine58 have posted.

    Be Safe!

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    Wow! There was one like that a few years ago on the other side of the county. It lit up the sky for hours. Sorry I don't have any photos.

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