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    zippydog Guest

    Angry Whats a Hero?

    I think there are as many reasons we became firemen as there are firemen. I just wonder how many peoples reason were to say Hey, I am an AMERICAN HERO, or I FIGHT WHAT YOU FEAR.Heroes happen, you can't plan it. You don't wake up one morning and designate your self as one. Our brothers and sisters that have paid the ultimate price are Heroes. I agree there have been many great saves and unthankful acts that go on every day, but isn't that the reason many of us chose this
    job. I just read about the three fire fighters arrested for arson in PA., and below that I read the LODD and these great HEROES that gave thier life. My heart goes out to thier family. I am sure these three FF would not intend to hurt thier own, but what the hell is going on out there.(I guess this just my time to vent) I am proud of what we all do and it is a great feeling when your going down the road on an alarm and you see the people look up as the BIG RED TRUCK goes bye, but don't forget what it is were going to do, Protect Life and Property. We get a call, and someone is having a bad day. Now I like a ripper just like the next guy, but then I don't consider my self a hero either just a firemen doing my job.Now,I'm not saying that all buffs or a guy with a IAFF sticker on thier back window are want to be heroes( thats just being proud).But,you know who you are,and all I am tring to say is, when your adding that 42nd flashing red light to you car or flying down the road in the big red doing 85MPH and your 3rd in on a smoking dumpster, remember that minivan you forced off the road.It's not saying there goes thoes heroes
    again.SO,love what you do , but remember why we do it.

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    hfdfao Guest



    In Memory of those who have passed before us, may their loss not be in vain........

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    Lewiston2Capt Guest


    I agree whole heartedly with you zip. As to what it takes to make a person a hero, I think it has to do with being in the right place at the wrong time for the right reason under extreme circumstances. It is an over simplification but I think that sums it up best.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2

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    GTFDLt61 Guest


    The three from PA did end up hurting one of their own, I'm sure unintentionally, but I'll bet that doesn't make that FF who got burned feel any better that one of his 'brother' FF's caused him that injury.

    Just remember, "Heroes are the people who do what has to be done,when it needs to be done,regardless of the consequences."



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    Neptune 33 Guest


    I just had to reply to this topic, because the three firefighter you speak of are from my neighboring county, and it's of course the big talk around here. Those two departments are going through Hell right now, just because of the three bad apples. They do not need to be criticized for not doing background checks etc, heck around here you can sometimes hand your application in and be voted in at the next meeting, no questions asked. In Central PA, we are having a tough time getting people to volunteer, and the county that this was in has 81 companies. That's a lot of volunteers
    So, I urge you, please show support for these companies. They need it. It can happen to any of our companies, just remember that.

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    HHoffman Guest


    I had a meeting with my State Rep. last year about Firefighter Arson. I would like to see the jail time doubled for a firefighter. The next step is to educate the members you have now. Get your local PD to come to the station and talk about the arson laws. If you can get an Arson Investigator to come in and talk that would help. I would like the new laws to state that even after they do the time they can never join a Fire Conmpany.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    Brian Dunlap Guest


    For decades Both Volunteer and Career Firefighters have been found Guilty of Arson Crimes from Small Brush Fires to Large Scale Incidents where persons have gotten hurt and killed...Will it ever end ? I don't think so...There are many reasons that they do it...The Thrill of the moment, Low Call Volume, Bordem, Sexual Excitement, Whatever...But it give Firefighters a bad name and these dirt-bags need to be prosucuted to the fullest extent of the law...What these idiots failed to realize is that being at each suspisicious blaze { especially first } would draw attention, and the fact they hurt one of there own sickens me not to mention the property they destroyed....Some Join to Help the Community, Some to Learn a trade and move on to Fire-Service Careers, some to have blue lights drive 80MPH and have no brains and some {Although very few} Join to Cause Destruction and pain.... Why ? I'm afraid we'll never know

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    farman17b Guest

    Thumbs up

    Welcome to the forum. Great insight. Look forward to more.

    Walk with God and never walk alone.

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    comwhite Guest


    I'm an army brat, so maybe I look on firefighters much the same way I do soldiers. Not every man that joins the army is a hero, but IMO, every man that goes into combat is a hero.

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    fireman265 Guest


    A Hero is just an Ordinary man doing a Extraordinary task. I don't think you find it, it finds you

    Just a thought

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    The term hero to me means dedicated service. Everyone who don's their gear and say's "Not on My Watch" is a hero. Using the term to describe a person or a single act doesn't seem to fit our mission statement. I tell my rookies that everyone has the thought of pulling someone from a burning building, but what makes them hero's is their unrewarded service to their community. Putting a label on a single/group firefighter/s is almost as tragic as only call them "HERO'S" after they die. We are able to save lives,not on our own,but because of the training we receive, the equipment that we have, and the brothers and sisters that have perished before us(lessons learned). If we allow chance to call us "hero's" than we will never get rid of the "arson" problems that black the eye of the service. A fire bug lives in us all and some feel the need to reach this plateau so bad that they through their good sence to the wind. People set fire for a multitude of reasons, this one can be prevented with a little effort.

    Zipp, you said it about the excitement that drives us. The thought process that makes us do some of the stupid s*** I have seen still escapes me. Firefighting is a job; whether you make your living at it or volunteer; saving lives/protecting property is in our job description. A firefighter who does his/her job is a "HERO."


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    Skidz Guest


    Main Entry: he·ro
    Pronunciation: 'hir-(")O, 'hE-(")rO
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural heroes
    Etymology: Latin heros, from Greek hErOs
    Date: 14th century
    1 a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability b : an illustrious warrior c : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities d : one that shows great courage
    2 a : the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work b : the central figure in an event, period, or movement
    3 plural usually heros : SUBMARINE 2
    4 : an object of extreme admiration and devotion : IDOL

    I could not resist straight from Webster’s Dictionary Online! It is really hard to put a name on who exactly is a hero but one thing for sure if you are there and if you are apart of a company that does something good you will feel that in your heart and that will make you a hero no matter what anyone else says. I have to admit just talking with people and telling them about the importance of fire sprinklers and seeing that what you have just told them has registered in their head. Man! It makes me feel like a million bucks.



    Member IAFF Local 1664

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    Gill Guest


    Zippydog and Lewiston2Capt, I couldn't have said it better myself. Very well written.


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    smokeater-n-hellraiser Guest


    I would define it for you like this: A hero is anyone who willingly puts their life on the line for another. Plain and simple. FF's, Cops, EMS. As soon as you pin on a shield, you just became my personal hero. God Bless you all, and may He keep us all safe this day.

    "I hate it when someone says something is impossible, because then I have to go and find a way to do it."
    Stay safe, boys and girls. It's for keeps out there.

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    HOTDOG Guest


    First of all, all that have replied I wholeheartedly agree with. I personally feel that all who risk life and limb to save life and property, who volunteer their own free time to train, maintain, and do what it takes to be prepared to "take care of business", not to mention the ones who make a career out of risking their own tail to save someone else's is a hero. One single act of bravery, such as pulling someone out of a burning building, extricating someone from a mishap of some sort, or anything in between does not necessarily define a hero simply because it comes with the territory - that is just being in the right place at the right time. There is nothing more satisfying than pulling up on scene, takin care of business, and having someone say thank you. There is no glory in this line of work - Heck, thank you's are few and far in between. It is more the self satisfaction you get when you help that person who needs it. My hats are off to all you brothers and sisters out there, paid and volunteer. Keep kickin a**!!!

    Be safe, be proud, and God Bless!

    Faith in God, Trust in training.

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    Fireboy422 Guest


    Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way, but I signed on to do a job, a job who's description is to save lives by doing whatever it takes. Now I'm always looking out for my partner #1 and myself #2, then the people I'm helping, but it's my job to do what it takes, how is doing that being a hero, I see it as just doing my job, like the person behind the desk at the bank. The only time I see a person in our field (FF, medic, PD) as a hero is if they pay the ultimate price, and it wasn't in vain. I guess I can't put on paper how I see it without making it sound bad to most people, it's just my philosophy. You pry couldn't understand without talking to me.

    -FF D. Betka
    Norton Shores, MI

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    WFDRescue2 Guest


    Very, Very good post....

    Thank You for your insight and sharing your thoughs.

    I couldn't agree more...

    Rescue Squad #2
    "First In ~ Last Out"

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    RADFIRE Guest


    Zippy, I couldn't agree more. Both vol and paid this field is extremely taxing and to have this happen is a tragedy. I feel that an " eye for eye" law should be passed for these instances, because I wouldn't want my worst enemy to pay the price at a fire scene.
    These firefighters should hurt for what they did, not sit with three hots and a cot. If a hero could be defined another way I would propose: " A person who helps you find good in yourself" I think it's a song I heard. I think it's a different viewpoint.
    Cops, firefighters, EMT's and all who work for the common good are each heros. Each job makes you "put it out there" sometimes, which make them stand out in importance. Sometimes the badge is a mask for the bad though.
    Be safe.

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