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    Question Cairns 1010 Ratchets

    As I have posted previously, I have to change helmets due to taking a new position in our Department. I previously wore a black New Yorker and took the ratchet out as I didn't like the way it fit on my head. My new helmet as Safety Officer is an orange colored 1010. I plan on taking the full face shield off and replacing it with Bourkes, but I still hate the ratchet. The fit literally gives me a headache, no matter how loose or tight I make it. Anyone know if you can take the ratchet out of the 1010 as you can do with the New Yorker?? Thanks & Stay Safe!!

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    Just wnted to put this back on top of the Board. HELP!!

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    I'm not positive, but I believe the ratchet is the same in a 1010 as it is in a New Yorker. If it is, you should just be able to pop it off the plastic pins (two on each side)inside the helmet band and then just slip it out through the slits in the liner. Pull the ear flaps out and the inner liner up and you should be able to look up inside to see where the ratchet attaches. Good luck!

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    First of all the orange helmet gives me a headache..buts thats beside the point.

    You can't take the ratchet out...however if you dig up an old helmet you can interchange the entire shell...follow me????

    Just don't tell the safety officer...ohhh that's right...just don't tell yourself.


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