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    dj Guest

    Post super pass II

    Does anyone have any comments on teh new Super PAss PASS devices that have a 'key' that is attached to them which is also attach to the apparatus. Therefore, when the firefighter exits the truck the device automatically arms. However, we have had trouble with these devices going off in error and you can NOT turn them off without teh key that is on teh apparatus if you are in a situation where a PASS device is not needed such as an exterior attack.

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    cffdff26 Guest

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    Well to put it nicely leave them in the box cause they are junk. The department I work for has gotten a few of them and they are nice in the fact that you don't have to remember to turn the thing on, but on every fire the game of "search for the alarming pass begins" they are extremely testy on the amount of movement required. I had mine go off while walking up steps. I think that if they could be shut off like the pass 1 was able too, they wouldn't be that bad.

    Maybe the manufacturer will take notes and change them for the PASS 3 model.

    This is strictly my opinion and does not reflect those of my department!

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    fireeater650 Guest


    They suck.

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    robbie Guest


    they suck just like the guy who started this forum! lol see ya dj

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