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    Smoke Damaged
    Firehouse.com Guest

    Question What Pagers?????????

    Simple question.

    What pagers are you using in place of the Minitor III's????????

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    The Minitor II haven't had a problem with them and have had to send all the Minitor IIIs back.

    The statements above are my own opinions

    FF Greg Grudzinski
    Oaklyn Fire Dept.
    Station 18-3

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    We have had Minitor III problems, but I can't recall any recently. I actually had two of them break down on me. A lot of our guys prefer the Minitor IIs, but we are still buying new Minitor IIIs.

    Be safe.

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    My volunteer dept's county uses Motorola digital alpa-numeric pagers. All EMS ops are on 800 Mghz, and fire is not far behind. All calls are still paged out via the old radio freq's, but not until the digital pagers have been hit out first.

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    I've had a Minitor II for many years, never had a problem with it yet.

    Ed Brando

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    Motorola Keynote takes 1double A lasts a month good little pager.

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    we still use the minitor I's they are tough old work horses and we rarely have problems with them,when we do, we have a great place up in michigan that repairs them properly and at a great price. out of 30 of them we only have problems out of one or two a year at the worst.and it has always been minor repairs. these are old tough units , just because they are a little bigger doesnt matter, they are holding up great. i think most of them are about 1984 or 1985 models.

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    We went from Minitor II's to Keynote's about 5(?) years ago. Our communication's officer is going to buy 5 Minitor III's this coming fiscal year to test them out and he wants to start phasing them in. So I have a quick question...what don't you guys like about the Minitor III's?

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    Firehouse.com Guest

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    Lets see...they don't go off when we are toned, the reception is worse than the min 2's, the priority scan locked up and killed the pager, knobs get moved or turned off. Other than that, they aren't too bad.

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    We have had 3-Minitor's III for about 6 months now and other that a button falling off we haven't had a real major issue.(Yes they apparently came after the original recall)we have 2 channels in them ,do not have the scan feature in them.But they do alert us just the same as the M-2's.Our dept have approx 35 M2's and 3'M3's.

    Haven't really looked at a different brand.(Our frequency is 156.030)

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    Well, does anyone have experience with them vs keynotes?

    We've had trouble with the Keynotes not going off when they did something with the radio towers at our dispatch center. And alot of times they are staticcy.

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    We were VERY HAPPY with our Minitor II's, but our county changed to a high band frequency, so we were forced to purchase Minitor III's. Can't say we're as happy with them. The rubber cap comes off the button - can you get a new one - NO!! - the whole pager has to be sent back! Channel changes occur with the wrong movement so that a firefighter can miss a call because the thing moved wrong in his pocket. As far as we're concerned, Motorola messed up their product real good!

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    We use minitor II's and haven't had any problems with them.

    Tom Pysh
    Ellsworth/Somerset V.F.D.

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    People, people, people! Smoke Damaged asked what to use in place of new Minitor III's. Yes the Minitor II is the best voice pager on the market but they are very hard to come by and also now very expensive. Here, I think, is some info you can use: We currently have Min. I, II and III's. Because of the problems we have looked elsewhere. We tested SCA Sceptar pagers and didn't like them. We are now testing and actually ordered some USALERT Nova pagers. www.usalertllc.org These are small pagers that are being compared to the Minitor II's. Why??? Because 2 of the lead engineers from the Minitor 2 formed this company. There are some problems with them that you will have to overcome. Currently it only comes in a single frequency mode and it's not quite as loud (2-3 DB) We have been reluctant to switch but feel really good about the future of this company. My suggestion is call Sceptar and US Alert and see if you can arrange through a local distributor to get your hands on one for a few days then compare them to the Minitors.

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