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    Cool Why Fire-Police? (partial answer...)


    This article is on a State Police plan to increase coverage in my area of Connecticut. Nationwide average is 2.4 officers per 1,000 population. My area runs 0.75 officers per 1,000...not unusual to see a Sergeant and 4 troopers with responsibility for about 70,000 residents in the region!

    Not only do fire departments in my area handle their own traffic control, it's not unprecedented even on the interstate highway for the local volunteer fire department to be requested to assist the State Police with traffic control on no injury accidents.

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    My town has its own local police department, and we (the FD) are still have to handle our own traffic control.

    My town has about a 10,000 population. Most times, there are only 2 or 3 cops on duty (depending on the shift and day of week). So, that means that we get .2 or .3 officers per 1,000. Hmmm...seems like you have better coverage out in your neck of the woods.

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    I think the per 1,000 is total force...not per shift.

    Killingly, CT (next town over) has a population of 18,000 with the local police force consisting of 4 Resident (contracted) State Troopers...total. My town of 7,000 has contracts for two full time troopers. Outside of that...it's all off the normal state police patrols.

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    duh...stupid me...yeah, it is for total force...I'm polish, nevermind me...

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