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    Sonny Sampson
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    Post DCFD Lt. suffers burns on 2nd Alarm

    Please send your thoughts and prayers to the Washington DC Fire Lieutenant who was injured on a 2 alarm row house fire in NW DC. We all wish him a speedy recovery.
    See the full story on www.DCFD.com


    Sonny Sampson
    F/F Paramedic
    Utica, NY

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    Or thoughts are with you brother....I hope you get we'll soon!!!!

    Are you on an engine or truck???


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    Truck F
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    Thumbs up

    From the members of Truck F we wish you a speedy recovery.

    We're not going to know how to act without your smiling face around the firehouse for the next few weeks.

    Is it true that Yoda made a special guest appearance at the hospital to check in on you?

    Be Cool Dude

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    may godspeed you on your recovery. best wishes from the other side of town.

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    Sorry to hear about your face and hands getting burned the other night, Sounds like a similar injury sustained to a young friend last month nammed Vinny. Just wanted to drop you a note telling you that youth & enthusium always win over old age and trechery. Cheer up though, just remember if you need sympathy, its in the dictionary between **** & syphilios.

    Also the injury you have will make it hard to wipe your own *** for a while...Good luck

    And one more thing, the property section now has nomex hands to issue, check into it..Jake

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    To Sonny: thanks for caring Bud.

    To Engineforlife: I'm in the Engine, Dude's in the truck.

    To Truck F: Yes, Yoda did make a guest appearance, but we could have used the FORCE on the fire ground.

    To 15hoseman: Thanks brother.

    To Jake1231232387238732561874123893985: Wiping my *** isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I just sit on the carpet and scooch forward like a dog does to scratch his ***.

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    Hello my DC Brother...

    I can feel your pain...I Know exactly what you are going thru...if you are at MEDSTAR, you are in good shape... Dr. Jordan is the man at gratfs and Kristi the physical therapist is a cutie...

    Good luck in your recovery.. and dont get addicted to the Dilaudid like I wanted to....

    Best Wishes..

    Kentland VFD Co. 33

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    Get well soon, Bro! This job needs firemen like you leading the charge more than ever! I miss the friendly competition we had back when U Street was burning. By the way, it was Gary L. who hit you with the line while you were on that rear fire escape on University Place, not me! I swear!!!

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    Thought I'd better get to you before your buddy Seth does. Yuk Yuk Yuk.
    I can't believe they let you wear those grungy socks. YoGa was more sanitary than you.
    Have you tried watching Paulie take a poop like you did to Rip? Hope he don't smash your car up if you do!

    Seriously, Del and Paulie, get better and get the hell out of there from us "Shaw" dudes!

    Love, Zeke

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    Lt. I wish you a speedy recovery and return to the greatest job in the world. I know how you feel and the pain envolved. I've suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns 3 times in my 28 year career. I know you'll be alright because St.Florian won't let us down. The entire Detroit Fire Dept sends its best.

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