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    Has anyone used Globe Fire Gear before? The 'traditional' gear? I've been offered a slightly used suit, which I could use for my EMS unit, for free. (well, almost). Is it good stuff?

    APG1, EMT-BD.

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    I wouldn't pass it up. There may be feature differences, etc. between gear, but Globe is well-made gear with a long positive history.
    I've used the old Astra, traditionals, and most recently GX-7. Obviously, very different styles, but all well made.

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    I just purchased a new set of turnouts by Globe which are the PBI Gold series.Before that I had a set of old globe turnouts with the buckles on the front. These turn outs have held up well for me over the years and I feel they are the best ones you can buy.

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    Thumbs up

    Globe is certainly the best gear I've ever worn. Don't pass it up.

    Glenn Ralston
    Bay Ridge Fire-Rescue

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    I like globe. Good quality gear. It's the only type of gear my department uses.

    Leon Bass
    SWVFD Station 16

    These are my opinions and do not reflect the views of my department.

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    Globe is by far the best gear I've worn... I highly recommend it.

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    Globe is definetly the best!!

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    a little story about Globe:

    On 12/15/00, I was on a fire in Lanham, Md. While I was runnin the line, what was believed now to be an acetylene tank failed sending a fireball at me and the men I was with. The fire consumed us and I was ON FIRE. They estimated the heat from the fireball to be above 1500 degrees since my face piece of the SCBA (SCOT) began to melt. I received 3rd degree burns to both hands and had 2 skin grafts from my thighs. I also got a small 2nd degree burn on my righ shoulder because of the leather pad to reduce wear from mask straps.

    The only reason why I am alive today or not seriously burned from Kneecaps to neck is because my GLOBE gear did not fail even at the temperatures it was exposed to.. MINUS the Leather SHOULDER (not on all coats) GLOBE GEAR is the BEST Ive been in. The Coat was condemned because of the severity of the burns it took..the inside liner was burnt as well. But it did its job.

    If someone would tell me how to put a pic on this I would.

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