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    Question pump panels: top vs side mount

    Just being a little curious as to what type of pump panels everybody's depts use....we have both but prefer the top mount better since you get a good view of the entire scene?

    Tom Pysh
    Ellsworth/Somerset V.F.D.

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    Where I work the guys prefer the side of the apparatus pump panel location. We are extremely short staffed and the engine chauffeur has quite a few responsibilities to attend to after he has established a continuous water supply. Thus making it easier than climbing up and down from the engine very frequently.

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    As with the previous reply, we too have both side and top mount pumps. Some of our drivers prefer one over the other. I personally, don't care, as long as I can get water to the scene, I'm happy .

    One benefit of having a top mount is having a better view of the scene (but in reality - does that really matter, when you should actually be watching the guages, anyways). In the winter months, though, I do prefer the side mount since here in Upstate NY the windchill can get pretty cold standing up there.

    Terry McCall
    Marbletown Fire Dept.

    *** Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this and all posts are my own do not reflect in any way upon my respective departments or their SOP's ***

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    We also have both a top mount and a side mount. Personally I prefer the side mount because it means I don't have to keep climbing up and down to connect lines, place apparatus floodlights, etc. There are advantages and drawbacks to both designs, but overall I feel that the side mount affords the most advantages as far as being user friendly for the pump operator.

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    Top mount is the way to go. You can see so much better!

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    We have both tops and sides,but have now taken delivery of a rear mount panel. We went away from the top mount because the pump op was up and down to much and when we looked at the side mounts we decided to put the side panel on the rear to shorten the wheel base and improve visability.


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    We have mostly top mount pump panels. But we have a couple of side mounts and one rear mount. I prefer the side mount personally. climbing up and down gets to be a chore. Plus there is less chance of me hurting myself by slipping when the steps get wet.


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    Don't have any experience with the topmounts but we don't show up with a lot of manpower and pump operator has much more to do than stand at pump. I couldn't imagine having to climb up and down all the time. The rear mount sounds like it would work well for visibility if it's an issue.(plus you can keep your two feet on the ground where they belong)

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