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    Post Bourkes vs face shields vs goggles

    I have only used a face shield and it has done a good job of keeping my face protected. I know a lot of guys use goggles in place of the shield but I it seems that they don't offer enough protection for the face. As for Bourkes, well, they don't seem to offer as much protection as i would like. They aren't approved by my department so they aren't an option for me but I was just curious about their positive aspects.


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    I currently wear a New Yorker with bourkes and carry a pair of goggles in my coat pocket. I have also worn helmets in the past that have had the full face shields. Personally, I don't think any one (shield, bourkes, goggles, etc.) is any better than the other because they are all good in some situations and not as good in others; no one system will do it 100% of the time. I found that the faceshield covered more area, but the gaps on the sides allowed flying debris to get in closer to my eyes. The goggles and bourkes cover the eyes better, but leave more of the face uprotected. I think the best bet is to come up with a system that is flexible so that you can adapt and use what is best suited for the situation you encounter at the time.

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    I use Bourkes on my New Yorker and goggles on my plastic Cairns. I won't use the Bourkes on anything with an eye hazard if I can help it. I use the New Yorker with an SCBA mask if I need facial protection. I used to have a shield on the helmet with the goggles, but I broke it. I actually liked it the best, but the New Yorker just doesn't look right with one and the goggles were easier to get than a new shield.

    Be safe.

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    I use Bourkes and will continue to use them. Lets face it most firefighters helmets are blackened, sooty, and some parts melted ( Face Shields ). So if your face shield is melted, burned, blackened like my bourkes are, What good does it actually do you when you can't see thru them. So thats why I carry a pair of safety glasses you probably have heard of them.

    Just my opinion

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    Funny, this subject came up on my job this week, again.We went from Bourkes to full faceshields on the Sam Houston in 1991, to comply with NFPA's stupid recommendations.The full shield, in my opinion, sucked! It makes an already heavy leather heavier.It constantly comes down when you don't want it to.I rarely used it, and they break often.A couple years ago we switched to them damn' useless goggles.I have NEVER seen one of the brothers use them.First of all they take time to "deploy".Secondly if you try to use them, they slingshot your helmet off your head.They are always dirty and don't fit your face right.Many guys bought the Bourkes again and put them back on, leaving the goggles on the back to remain compliant. This week we were ordered to remove them.Now many guys just have goggles, which is like having no eye protection. Many "safety-Oriented" people say the Bourkes are not protection.But I have seen guys use them!! So what is really safer - something NFPA deems proper protection NO ONE uses, or something NOT NFPA approved that guys actually- IN THE REAL WORLD- will use??? I know I will get negitive feedback on the Bourkes, but they work for me, and plenty of others.I strongly believe in safety, but I think the "regulating" bodies get TOO CARRIED AWAY sometimes. I feel strongly on this subject! Just my 2-cents worth.
    --------------> STAY SAFE!!

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    Stay with the Bourque's. In my opinion they've worked better. I have both a Sam Houston that had the full face shield and a New Yorker with Bourque's. I've found that the Bourque's work better for me. I've even installed them on my Sam Houston.

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    It sounds like you guys have valid argument for the bourkes. Unfortunatly my department requires NFPA compliance. Utherwise I would really consider them.

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    One negative effect to face shields is that it only provides the wearer protection directly in front of them. Because of the possibility of ricochet between the face and the shield the NFPA is expected to go back to goggles in the next two years

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