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    Our dept. is in the process of purchasing some SCBA's to replace some of the older packs. At the present time we have mostly Survivair Mark II's. We just ordered some Survivair Panthers with the ADAM system. Just wanting some input from you guys on the pro's and con's of this pack. I personally don't like the Mark II's for the Emergency Bypass setup but the Panther is totally different. I would appreciate any input.


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    HMMMMMM.......Guess this topic is not controversial enough for a reply or noone knows anything about the Panther. Guess I need to post something about the proper color of a truck, maybe??? Na - to much BS

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    I'll post a reply, but we deal with Scott, so I don't think I can be much help. I just thought I'd drope you a line and make you post look interesting. To tell you the truth, I've never heard of that type of SCBA. But oh well...


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    We use Scott, so I don't have much experience with the "surprise airs", but I have not heard any good comments about them.

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    Hotdog- My dept has been using Survivair (SupriseAir) since I have been working there, about 25 units. About 4 years ago they descided to upgrade to the Simga. We had nothing but hell with those packs. They put a committee together, went and asking different manufactors to send 2-3 pack to be place on the trucks and let the FF's basically try to tear them apart. When all said and done the committee recommended Scott 50's. Well, guess what was bought anyway, Yep! Survivair. But upgraded to the new panther and 20/20 mask. The pack is handling so so but the mask has its faults. It does not fit well with ANY hood. The classic still has a better fit. Plus the 20/20 has a sharp edge under the chin that will cut into your skin. After a call look under your chin and you will see a red line there. Any other question feel free to ask.
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    The Mark II's we have we call 'em "Surprize" airs too. I personally like the Scott packs, we have a few Scott packs that are ancient, but still in service. The dept switched over to Surv.Air about 15 years ago (before my time) and wanted to stay with the same. We got one of the panthers in a while back and have already had a recall on it. We don't even have it in service yet. We wanted to wait till we had enough to change an entire truck over before putting them in service. For your info, there is a recall on the mask - the piece at the top of the facepiece which holds the shield in place is bad on some models. Survivair did send us the piece for free. Pretty bad from a pack that is not even in service yet, but I do like the composite bottles we got and the ADAM that is on the pack. Guess we will se how well they are. Thanks for your input.

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