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    I know that not every locality can do this, but back home in my area of VA, when they finally brought 911 service into place (late 90s) many counties had markers made up (counties paid for it too) for every single address that are planted in the ground right near the road. They are marked with hi-vis numbers and are easy to see, day or night. Its been a huge sucess from what the guys on the Keysville FD and Charlotte Co. EMS have told me.

    That's just one idea. Of course, if your county/municipality doesn't have the money/will to do so, then some kind of campain to get the residents to help out is definitely a great idea.
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    When the mailboxes are all on one side of the road,it helps to have an arrow indicating which box is for which house.
    Like a lot of areas,my old department served a district where it was a benefit to have lived there a few years,if not from birth because then you'd know who the Johnsons were and that they lived where the Drivers live now.

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    Thanks for the links and the information....how did you go about selling the signs? Door to door? Tables at events? My community is very rural and widespread so just trying to come up with ideas to get them out to everybody.

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