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    To all our critics out there I say the Hell with you; you are trying to get guys fired from a job for drinking and being obnoxious and now you are picking on our web site you are the people we don't ever want to come to our city so stay the hell away now to the people who don't know us stop by one of our firehouses and you will be treated with respect. You will see some of the best firefighters in the country .Anybody that wants to see what we are about is welcome to come and ride with us anytime they want except you all know who. We fight not only an administration that does not care about the welfare of the citizens or firefighters but also fires that are so numerous that i can't even count that high. All this for a better working conditions (working rigs)and the like. We are not that highly paid as some cities think we are but yet the fires still go out and yes lives are being saved everyday. This is just my opinion

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    hey all. i've stayed out of this one so far, and i probably should, but o well. the d.f.d. is NOT the only fire company in the world who has a couple roudy ones in the bunch. I'm sure everyone will agree. Also, we are ALL fire fighters. be it professional, volunteer, or both, we all do the same job, so we should all stick together and support one another for better apparatus, gear, ect. The guys and gals in detroit are doin the best they can with what they have. I've listened to some of you crusify the fire department there, maybe its the city government you should concentrate on. I'm not going to tell you what to think, but these people are still firefighters. No matter what conditions are like or what people say, I have noticed one common thing. All the d.f.d. people are proud of what they do and stick up for their department. For that they have earned MY respect, and I would be honored to fight fire with them any time. Stay safe and good luck. Peace.

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    Good call I can't begin to imagine what it would be like to work in your city but from the way it sounds it makes a hard job harder. Therefore you earned this Canadian brothers respect, and I would be honoured to have the chance for a ride along. Take Care man, and Good luck.

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    I hear ya. Don't listen to some of these guys. They're a bunch of loud-mouth, over-reactional, over-sensitive little girls who like to do nothing but whine and bitch about every little thing, no matter how meaningless. A lot of the time they speak without knowing what they are speaking about. But, whud'ya gonna do?

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    Hey Detroit, do yourself a favor and worry about your job and your personal safety on each run, don't worry about some of these posts because they really aren't worth it. I find too many people reading only the words they want to read and making an issue out of nothing.

    You are in an unfortunate situation right now with some of the negative attention your FD is getting, but it will pass as does everything else. I truly believe (and I stated this in my reply to the subject) that the Drunk DFD post was an issue that probably would have been swept asside had it not been for the other scrutinies your dept is wading through at this time. If it was another city, it may have been commented on, but I think it would have faded fast, and I get this strange feeling that the dept. name would not have even been mentioned.

    Stay safe out there and worry about the important things life in the fire service throws at us each shift. Most of us realize that every organization has it's up and down times for its image. Unfortunately you are dealing with a down, but with a little help that some of the posters here can offer, the sun will shine again on DFD. Some other people need to take a step back and realize that just because things are rosey for their dept now, doesn't mean that come a year from now it could be the exact opposite.

    hang in there and keep doing the best you can with what you have to work with!!!!

    Good Luck!

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