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    Post Need help with some wedding jokes!

    I'm going to be the best man in my friends wedding. I need some ideas of some jokes I could pull on him and his new wife at the reception. Any Ideas would be great. Thanks all STAY SAFE.

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    Ok, this wasn't me, I was just there. I've seen the best man strip at the wedding, not totally, just takes off his shirt and dances around. It surprises the bride and groom quite a bit, and will never be forgotten..

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    I seen this done at a friends rehersal dinner. Get ahold of an old shot put, and then weld a length of log chain to it, and then connect some sort of a shackle to the chain. Then give it to the bride to place on the grooms leg. Sort of a view of things to come.

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    When it came time for my best man to give the speech/toast, he announces to everyone that he isn't very good at public speaking, so he has written a few notes....Then he pulls out a lonnnnnng piece of rolled up paper from his tux, and it unrolls out all the way to the floor.

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    Red face

    Well here is one that happened to me,

    During the toasts my best friend got the mic and had us do the following. The bride hold out her hand open and palm down, and then had me do the same but with my hand over hers. then he announced, "this is probably the last time you will have the upper hand in the marriage, enjoy it." It brought a good laugh and everybody liked it.

    I still do that at all the weddings that I go to and make sure that my friends get the same feeling.

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    This is what happened to me at my reception.
    My best man went out and bought 14 cans of silly string and gave 2 cans each to 7 of the guys from the station. When he was giving his toast he had my wife and I come up as close as we could to the DJ booth where he was standing. While we were standing up there, the other guys got right behind us. He started his speech with "You finally got him where you want him and for that I am happy for you.", "And Mike,...well....I got you". He then pulled out the silly string and started spraying me with it. As I turned to run away, I ran right into all the guys standing behind me and they proceeded to cover me in silly string.

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    Hey don't forget that marriage is a 3-Ring Circus.....

    The Engagement Ring
    The Wedding Ring

    and the SuffeRING!!!!!!!!!

    Good Luck!!!

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    I was at a bachelor party where the "ball and chain" was put on a friend. They used an old bowling ball and police leg irons.

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    Get a bunch of used keys. Don't matter what they go to just as long as no one uses them anymore. Have almost all of the women take a key, just one key with no key chain or anything and sit with it quietly until you ask for it. Then as the microphone is being passed around, it gets to you, say something to the effect that "Getting married means no more playing around" then ask all the girls that your friend has ever given a key to his apartment to please bring the key forward and turn it in. The look on the brides face as 15-20+ women get up to bring up thier key is a hilarious sight. Takes a little time and money to make but well worth the laughter.

    Stay safe,


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