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    Blaze57 Guest

    Cool Thermal Camera

    The state of New Jersey bought almost every Fire Dept. a brand new Thermal imaging camera
    they work awesome for search and rescue, overhaul, you name it. I was wondering what other people who have one think of it?

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    lumpy649 Guest


    Provided the operator has training on the camera and knows exactly how to interpret the information it can display, they are a very useful tool in the fire service. But then I've seen people use one of our cams and totally misread the info it gives them, and have to wonder who taught them when they think that every lighter shade of white means that there ABSOLUTELY MUST BE heat in that wall, when the camera is actually showing them that the wall is just a little warmer than anything surrounding it. Train with it, study up on how it works, learn what the image means to you, and how it affects your operation and the camera will be a rewarding, indispensable piece of equipment.

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    Halligan84 Guest


    Almost as important as the free camera(s) is the fact that the state bid price for additional cameras is extended through 2001 (<$8000) and depending on how much you believe rumors, there may be more free cameras coming. With automatic aid as prevalent as it is in our area you can have quite a number of cameras at any given working fire.

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    Mr.Meaner Guest


    Our population numbers allowed my volunteer fire department last year to receive 2 BULLARD hand-held TICs from the State of NJ. We've used them a lot and LOVE them - so much so that our Cairns helmet is getting dusty musty and rusty. (My only gripe is that it can be rough changing batteries). The State of NJ also produced an SOP that has received mixed reactions. Email me if you'd like a copy of the SOP.

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