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    Question What do you do at the firehouse to pass the time between calls?

    What do you do at the station between calls to have fun?

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    Kick back watch tv, Surf the net, Play video games or go outside and play a little hoops or go down to Station 102 and bug them since they're always up at Sttaion 101 harassing us

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    find a broom/mop/bottle of Windex/jug of vehicle wash&wax/vaccuum....

    I think you should be able to figure out what to do with them.

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    Djohler, good answer. And a little crew training couldn't hurt either. It doesn't have to be elaborate, practicing the basics can work wonders for teamwork...

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    Exercise...surf the net...and rarely watch TV.

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    Make life difficult for probies.

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    We work a 24hr shift...We do what is expected of us from 0800-1630, which includes clean the house, training, equip maintenance, building inspections, and PT. After 1630, we do whatever...I like to cook the meals (I get a little involved...no cheap welfare meals when I cook) Myself and one other guy like to build scale models (working on an ALF tiller right now) I also like to take advantage of the bays and do maintenance on my truck and the girlfriendmobile. Surf the net, and boardgames also happen. Oh yeah, don't forget the 2 hour watch.

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    0800-1700 station chores, shopping for lunch/dinner, go do or review a preplan, training, workout time, equipment check/maintenance, cooking(not all necessarily (sp?) in that order) 1700-bedtime, eat first, then tv, workout, play games,surf web, do schoolwork and always harrass the crap out of each other-believe it or not- to keep from killing each other.LOL

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    Start at 0700. Coffee and shift change talk between 0700-0800. 0800-1700 is work time which includes much of what has already been said. Cleaning, truck checks/maintenance, training, etc. Lunch and relax time between 1200-1300. After 1700, make dinner. Everybody brings there own food. Nobody cooks for the whole crew which surprised me when I started. I thought that was a firehouse tradition but not where I work. After dinner is TV time. Some guys have pet projects they work on. Work-out, talk about the good ol' days, mess with each other. We have a couple guys on my shift that are always messing with each other. Last night, somehow, the siverware drawer ended up all over the kitchen floor because of those two. I was in the next room and didn't see it and I didn't ask. It was just a typical night. Also, try to get to bed by 2230 or 2300 and am usually awake again by 1 in the morning.

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    Originally posted by scrapper:
    Also, try to get to bed by 2230 or 2300 and am usually awake again by 1 in the morning.
    What are you-a vampire?!?! I hope it's a call that gets you up at that hour.
    On my post they've got SIX,LEATHER Lazy Boy recliners-except we Explorers aren't allowed to sit in them yet. Also, at my Mom's station, they get free cable because their biulding houses the cable supply for the whole peninsula-you should have seen us messing with people on super bowl sunday!!!

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