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    4iron Guest

    Cool What type of shift do you work?

    I know this has probably been on this forum before,forgive me I'm fairly new here.Re:Firefighter work schedules:

    1)What's your week?(ie:42hrs/week,56hrs/week,ect.
    2)What's your schedule?(ie:Chicago=24/on,48/off -or-California=24/on,24/off,24/on,24/off,24/on,96/off-or-10/14.
    3)Have you ever worked more than 1 schedule?Which one do you like the most?

    This is a hot topic within our Local right now,the younger FFR's would like to change our 24/on-48/off=56hrs./week.

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    Kyle Wickman Guest


    42 hour week
    Hate it, I want 24/72

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    ffnbs Guest


    We work the California schedule and it works just fine for us. We respond an ave. of 7-8 calls a shift and 80% of those are EMS related.
    53 hour work week. Our department has run with this schedule since the late sixties to the best of my knowledge.

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    allhands Guest


    We work a 42 hr week. 24 on 24 off 24 on 5 days off. We used to work the 2-10's 2-14's and 4 off. I like the new schedule better.

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    pyroknight Guest


    We work the Kelly schedule (1 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off, 1 on, 4 off) and that's all I've ever worked. The department I have my sights set on works 24 on, 48 off. ALLHANDS, how many platoons does it take to make your schedule work?

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    RS-1Alum Guest


    I worked the 24 on 24 off,72 hour week, for
    Uncle Sam and thought it was brutal even for
    a young kid.
    When I came to D.C. we were working 3 days of day work then 3 nights and 3 days off with a Kelly day which came to a 48 hour work week. We switched to 24 on 48 off with a Kelley for the same amount of hours. In the early nineties we hired a fouth platoon and went to 24 on 72 off. A 42 hour work week and I love it as well as just about every other person in the country does who is working it.
    We have come a long way...from 1871 to 1933 our guys worked a one shift assignment. You got to go home for meals a couple of times a day so most everyone lived within walking distance of the firehouse. Only 1 day off a month and that was cancelled if some one was off sick. They had to be some tough dudes.

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    Da Sharkie Guest



    To answer your question, it takes 4 groups to work the 1 on, 1 off, 1 on and 5 off schedule. I work it as well.

    I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.

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    MFFJoe Guest


    "5 on, 6 off" (1 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off, 1 on, 6 off.)It equals a 56 hour workweek with 3 hours of overtime built in each week. The guys seem to like it. The 56 hour week is most common in this region.

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    FFE3BFD Guest


    42 hour work week
    Love it!! Every work day is Monday, Every work day is Friday.

    We did at one time work 10/14's, hope we never go back to it.

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    FireLt1951 Guest


    Here we work a 24 on, 24 off, 24 on and 72 off. We also get a one time 120 off once a month and a 196 off one time in a 6 month period. Average work week is 48hrs.We have a 2 unit system.The city once tried to change to 3 platoon system which was 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 24 off, 24 on and 96 off. The problem was, they found out they would have to hire around 400 more firefighters. We've worked this system for the 28 years I've been on.We gained one extra day off during this time when we went from 52 hours to the 48 hour schedual.Personally I like our system.

    [This message has been edited by FireLt1951 (edited 02-07-2001).]

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    dr inferno Guest


    We work 10/14 but its a different shift then previously mentioned. It goes like this:
    Work 5 10 hour days (50 hours) off for 6 days work four nights (56 hours) off for 5 days work 2 days and then 3 nights (62 hours)off for 4 days then the cycle starts again with the day shift. Averages out to 42 hours a week over the course of a year. It works well and runs on the 4 platoon system

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    MPreb362 Guest


    work 3(10 hr days) then off 3, 3(14 hr nights) then off 3. then start all over. most of the guys seem to like it. but not everyone's always happy.

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    HarleyGump Guest


    We work a fairly common schedule for Canada. 4 days on (4 x 10 hrs - 8 am -6 pm) then 4 days off, 4 nights on (4 x14 hrs. - 6 pm - 8am ) then 4 days off. There is an interest from some of our members to go to a modified 24 hr schedule where you have to work only 2 weekends per month . It is hotly debated around the halls as some vets don't see the need. I would like to try the 24 hr.

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    FitzBFDT2 Guest

    Thumbs up

    I am with FFE3BFD, working the 42 Hour workweek with 24 hours on then 72 hours off. 4 platoon system is employed here.

    Always have at least 2 weekend days off(I count Friday), quality time at home and plus I only have to see FFE3BFD once every four days(hahaha).

    Be safe

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry,
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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    firecat1524 Guest


    My department only staffs for fire protection during working hours, we work from 0730 - 1700, Monday - Friday. 47.5 hours a week....95 hours a pay period. And before anybody else says it...yes it $ux. LOL

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    LisbonTrainingOfficr Guest


    24/24 72hr work week. Then a kelly every 8th shift. Its not all that bad once you get used to it. It does make it kind of hard to work a part time job though.

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    troll911 Guest


    Leave it us to be different! Our department works a 56 hr. week with three shifts. Schedule is as such:W-O-W-O-O-W-O-W-O-O-O-O. Strange, but we have been working it since about 1982. Used to be: W-O-W-O-O-O. I personally like the 96 off instead of the 72 off. Actually, I'm a 40 hour week training field trash guy and the schedule we have are 4-10 hour days with a 96 every other weekend (2 crews alternating, leaves 3 people there on M & F).


    Just my opinions, not my departments. If they are alike, it usually means somethin's gonna happen!

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    15hoseman Guest


    I currently work 24/72, pretty cool, but my first day off, i drag *****. We usually make about 15 runs a day, usually at night. Plus everyone hauls tail out of the station when they're relieved.

    I know a guy who works in a chemical plant, not as a firefighter, but he has an interesting schedule. 4 platoon, 42 hours:


    I might have it mixed up a bit, I think he might alternate groups of days and nights rather than two weeks of days, and then two weeks of nights. Regardless, he gets Friday through Sunday off every other weekend.

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    E_man9RFD Guest


    We work 24 on, 48 off. I lkie it. Every day is Friday. I used to work 12's at a nuke plant in CT.. friggin hated it! In the winter when I worked nights, When I got up it was dark, and when I went home it was dark. It sucked.


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    14Rescue1 Guest


    We work 2 - 10 hour days followed by 2 - 14 hour nights with 4 days off.
    Used to work 24 hour shifts and hope this department doesn't adopt it.

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    FFE3BFD Guest


    Hey Fitz, I think the same of you , ya freakin wacker!!!

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    WFDTruck1 Guest


    we work a 24/72 now, but used to work 3 day shifts, then 3 off, 3 night shifts, 3 off, and then the cylce repeats. they were 10 hour days and 14 hour nights. i like the new way better!

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    fyrefyghter10 Guest



    Brian Cirard

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    gunnyv Guest


    We currently work the Calif. 3 platoon,
    (WOWOWOOOO). Switched from the Detroit style 2 platoon 5 years ago (WOWOOO). Probably half the guys would kill to go back to it. Troll 911, the Warren, MI FD works your schedule, so you're not the only one.

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    fedfire418 Guest


    Federal fire dept, We work 72 hr work week.
    24 on/ 24 off with a kelly day every five shifts. Would love 24/48

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