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    Post PGFD: When will they fire all the recruits?

    Back in the early fall (I think) PG County made an error in their hiring process. They sent letters offering employment to over 130 candidates. They then, following a time period that was great enough for these individuals to provide current employers with resignations and take other actions based on the offer of employment, they were given new letters that said they were not being hired.

    A class action suit was filed which touched base on the fact that the applicants had entered into a contract of employment and now the county, and specifically the County Executive (Curry) and Fire Chief (Ron Siarnicki) were discriminating against the predominately white recruit class.

    The matter went through the court system and was ruled on last week. The ruling stated that the county was required to, based on a court approved lottery, fire recruits individually if need be. They could only do so with merit though, including the argument that the county could not afford them.

    My question is: What do you think of this situation, anyone with inside information (and please correct my account as I haven't followed it that closely)?

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    The county is screwed in any action that they take. If they fire half the recruit class like they intially wanted to do, they get to go to court against the class action suit. They lose a lot of money. If they keep all the recruits then they have to pay the recruit with money they don't have. It's going to be interesting to see what happens, but be sure that either way the current government is not going to come out in a positive light.

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