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    Question Eye Protection and NFPA Info

    Hey Brothers,
    I am looking for some information. My Department switched to full faceshields to meet NFPA requirements 10 years ago. We would like to switch back to Bourke eye shields AGAIN. N.Y. is not an NFPA state. We just followed the reccomendation. Is there something that states you cannot "downgrade" protection? If so who says this? (NFPA?) Does anyone know where I can get some info on the topic?Thanks in advance!

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    I know that in North Carolina( I don't if this is NFPA or OSHA or state regulation), if you have blourkes, you are supposed to have goggles.

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    I'm not sure full faceshields meet NFPA anyway. 1500 requirements stipulate eye protection and fire helmet face shields don't protect your eyes very well, as anyone who's had dust and debris fly up under their faceshield knows.

    However, why would you want to reduce the protection your "face" receives from the shield by using Bourkes? Don't you want as much protection as you can get? I would add goggles to your safety gear, with the smaller helmet shield to give yourself overall face protection.

    This "level of protection" debate comes up all the time on these forums - shields, hoods, bunkers - I just don't understand anyone arguing to reduce their protection from injury. Do you all want to get hurt to show you're tough? I just don't understand.

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    We have the 4" facesheild, and about 5 months ago we were all issued safety glasses because of the standards.

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    I've had a leather Sam Houston for better than 10 years now. It came with the Bourkes......I still have the Bourkes even though NFPA and MIOSHA suit and tie GEEKS keep trying to ban them on me (and several other brothers in my dept.) I've had the full sheilds on other helmets and hated them. I love the Bourkes..plain and simple. They made me put goggles on my helmet(that i never use), but, that's ok...I use the goggle straps to hold my wedges and nails....nothing macho.....not trying to hurt my face......they just work, and work well. Take it from the firefighters who shake hands with the devil on a daily basis......they are tried and tested true.
    That's my 2 pennies worth and, yes, i do feel better!!!

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