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    Question Any extension to the 15 yr life for composite bottles?

    We have some excellent shape Scott composite bottles(half wrap fiberglass-alumunin 2216pi) that have to be retired due to the 15 yr retirement date. I have heard grumblings afoot that this 15 yr life may be extended. Has anybody got any insight into this or should our fellows make a firefighters hockey trophy out of them??

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    Chief Taylor
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    Sorry, no extension is to be permitted, at least this is from a Company rep that I talked with today in training.

    Nor do they even plan to even take a look at the documentation to even consider an extnesion. This is coming from Survive-air reps.


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    Recycle the valves.

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    The expired Survivair bottles with the flat top make pretty good lamps to go with my extinguisher lamps. Other than that, the're pretty worthless.

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    We have a couple of ashtrays made out of old scott steel cylinders. Ironic isn't it. They start life out as keeping the smoke out of our lungs and end up encouraging the habit of putting smoke in *our* (not mine) lungs.

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    No extension.

    If you have a spare 2.2 you want to get rid of. Let me know. I want to make a table lamp out of a Scott 2.2 with the flat bottom.

    Good luck!

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