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    robbie Guest

    Post exhaust removal

    I was just looking at the poll here at on exhaust removal systems. Why dont more people have them in the stations? I think it should be a must in old and new stations. My dept. has been trying to get them for years and the city council tell us no way that they cost to much. Does any one know the codes on them as far as are they required in new stations or not i have been hearing that their not?

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    Our station is 40+ years old and we had a system installed 3 years ago. Cost the city a little over $40,000. Our system has six drops for three bays and works just fine except for minor maintenance that needs to be done.

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    Adze Guest


    Our station in 20 years old this year. We are getting an exhaust system put in. The system basically consists of exhaust fans built into the walls. I'll have to go digging through my BOD paperwork to get the cost for it....

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    Looper Guest


    We initally installed an exhaust removal system (4 bays) in our central station, about 4 yrs ago. When we relocated that station, we took the system with us (EMS service that took over the station didn't want to buy the system). Our other 2 stations got their systems two years ago. We love em -- I just wish we could rig up a system for our boat motors and trailer mounted PPV fan.

    I think the main reasons for not installing these systems are the cost, and the fact that most people don't take diesel exhaust as a serious health threat.

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