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    Post Spreaders and Cutters

    Hey all. I was just wandering what your dept. has as far as extrication equipment. Do you prefer to have a dedicated cutter and a dedicated spreader, or do the combi's seem to work better? Just curious.

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    My Rescue Co. carries a Mighty-Bite and an O-cutter as cutters, and a JL-32B as a spreader. We also carry three combination tools: a Maverick, a Roadrunner, and a Paladin, and each has it's place, as well as it's limits. Usually we have an officer, a driver, and at least two firefighters, and the combo tools work well in full extrications (doors, roof and dash) so one firefighter can take each side of the vehicle and accomplis door removal and roof removal. If I have four firefighters, I can have the combo tools take the doors, the cutters take the roof, and switch to Rams for the dash displacement, and accomplish extrication in 7-9 minutes, depending on the severity. Even with two firefighters on combo tools, the time is only slightly lenghtened to complete the task. Combo tools take a little more practice to master using, as wider B or C posts can be a little tricky. But the advatage of having a cutter and spreader right there in your hands can make quick work of most cuts. There are times when only the JL-32B's will do the job, and that's why we carry them in addition to the cutters and combo tools. I did place a list on an earlier post, I believe it was entitled "What's your Jaws set-up?" , posted on 1-05-01. Check it out for further info.

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    Buy a Phoenix and then you don't need to make a choice between "cutter" and "spreader". They have the only spreaders with field replaceable cutting blades to make it something more than just a "combi" tool. Get their "rescue tool" first, then a ram if you can afford it. If you still have some funds left, buy their SB Cutter for the really tough jobs (like school bus "A" posts).

    Check the University of Extrication form archives for some interesting debates over different tools that have happened there during the past few months.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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