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    Cool Win an Aerialscope Hat!

    Go to www.aerialscope.com
    Go to the "contact us" page.
    Fill out the form and submit.
    The Drawing for the Hat will be held March 1st, 2001. Only names that have submitted the form will be included. Be sure that your email address is correct, we may be contacting you for shipping info.

    The web site says nothing about the contest, I am only letting you guys at the firehouse chat forum know about the drawing.

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    Ummmm-this certainly appears to be an advertisement.....

    I believe this to be against the terms of service for this forum.......

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    As far as I know, advertisements are not allowed in the new website announcements forum, but here they are ok. I could be wrong. And he is just trying to drum up some hits for his page, I did it, and so have tons of others. It is not so illegal that the thread should be bumped off here. Nice site Ascope

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    I suppose you are correct. It just seems inappropriate here as well. If every Fire Apparatus Manufacturer were to advertise here, this would be quite a cluttered forum.

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    That we both can agree on Fyresq50, but he is not trying to sell us Scopes, just win a hat.

    [This message has been edited by daysleeper47 (edited 02-10-2001).]

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    If we let the guy from firetatics.com get away with it, why not this guy?

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