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    Firelover Guest

    Question Code Red on Fox

    I was just wondering if anyone here has been involved with any of the incident shown on the show?

    I also want to know what was your thoughts as these amazing rescues and other incidents were happening?

    Thanks for all your responses


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    gyver Guest


    i like the show and think it brings to light some of the situations and hazards that we often face in the line of duty. i hope it brings out more public awareness and support from local communities. i'm a volunteer and lord know's that we need all the support we can get.

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    firefighter15_wv Guest


    I don't guess I know what show you're talking about. Is it new? When does it come on, what day and what time? Also, is that Fox 11, Fox 59, or Fox Family?

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    cmjones Guest


    Its the Fox that is broadcasted on local TV stations

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