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    lumpy649 Guest

    Question FDIC 2001

    Is anyone going to attend FDIC 2001 in Indianapolis? I'm going for the first time, and was wondering what to expect. Also, any info on things to do after the day of learning is done?

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    axman Guest

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    Lumpy, What classes are you taking at FDIC? I was there last year, I took Live fire training, Flashover simulator and Engine company operations, the only reason I am not attending this year is that I am going to medic school, it was some of the best training that I have ever attended, you will meet people from all over the world and you will work hard, but you will have a great time, Let us know when you get back how it was!


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    lumpy649 Guest


    Axman... I'm taking RIT Team operations, and Firefighter survival (although I already have it, I'm taking it to train my own engine crew when I return), and Ladder Company Operations. I originally signed up for the same classes you did, but they were full by the time my app got there. I also was accepted for the Managing Rescue Ops class, and will probably drop the ladders class in order to fit that in. What's the nightlife like?

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    axman Guest


    Lumpy, When I was down there the rit class and firefighter survival classes were held around where we were training, you should learn a lot, we used old government project housing and hopefully that is what you will be using, as far as the nightlife, I hear that it is interesting but I was only down there for the two days of hot training so I was really beat after a full day so if I wasnt in the hotel pool I was sleeping, we had to be up at 5:30am to catch the bus for downtown. Also if you ever do get into the live fire class and the flashover class make sure that you schudule the flashover class FIRST you dont want to do that type of training with wet gear its no fun at all!


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    lumpy649 Guest


    Thanks for the advice, Ax... I'll be sure to let you know how it goes... stay safe, brother.

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    LFD2203 Guest


    night life? top floor of the circle city mall. 5 clubs 1 cover. like blues? got to go to the slippery noodle inn (check their web site ) sat night, go see the fire truck pulls and enjoy the cookout at the union hall. have fun

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    Capt. Zada Guest


    The IFD firefighters are great hosts! You will have a lot of fun and it's a nice city. I've been there twice to attend the FDIC and am not about to miss it this year.

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    lumpy649 Guest


    Appreciate the info, brothers, I'm sure I'll enjoy it all a little more with your help. Thanks, and I'll let you know what I thought.

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    Engineman Guest


    I have been going for the last 4 years. The night life is good. The top floor of Circle Center Mall has 5 bars, there is Broadripple section of town out northwest that has 2 blocks of nothing but bars, and all the big name instructors and FF's goto Ike and Jonesy's bar downtown.

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    INDY FIRE Guest


    EXPECT BIG! This years FDIC should be bigger than ever. The convention center has been expanded. There are new hotels, bars, and restaurants all within walking distance downtown. The largest hotel still under construction should be finished by FDIC 2001. Make sure you stop by the information center, and Local 416's booth for times and places of the weeks activities. The only rules for the week are: LEARN, HAVE FUN, and most important, BE SAFE!

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    sarge552 Guest


    lumpy, you are in for a treat! The classes are the best around and the instructors and information are great! The night life is good-try the Slippery Noodle and any one of the 6 Hooters locations ( can find them on the web ). Enjoy yourself and have a good time-maybe we'll see ya' there, I have some of the same classes as you. Good luck!

    "Stay Safe, Stay Low and lets Rock-n-Roll"

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    LFD2203 Guest


    hey INDY FIRE, before we forget, thanks for the hospitality you guys roll out.

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    FFD#35 Guest


    Just stop in any firehouse for directions and suggestions. Make sure to visit the Union Hall on Saturday for the Pumper Pull competition and the Open House. Hope you all have a pleasant stay in Indy. If you make it to the North side of town be sure to stop in at any of the stations in Fishers.

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    lumpy649 Guest


    Thanks to all... I'll try to get around the city, and see what I can. I fly in on Saturday, so maybe after checking in, I'll do a little touring. I appreciate all of the info, and invites. Mayebe I'll get to see some of you guys.

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    firecadet613 Guest


    I'm going, went last year also, and I am attending every year. My brother lives there, and is a career firefighter. Indy is a great city! Stop by Union Hall Saturday March 3rd in the evening for the truck pull, and to just check things out. Circle Center Mall is great, as well as Gillians, I think that is how it is spelled. It's a great arcade/bar downtown. Hope everyone who goes has a great time.



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    Shoeless Guest


    I'll be taking that Firefighter Survival class on Tuesday. This will be my 1st time at Indy. We will be in town Sunday night & will be staying until Saturday or Sunday. See you all soon.


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    John_Ford Guest


    Fashover Sim, Standpipe OPS. Ladders and Truck OPS. Third time Around and Indy Rocks. Mike Lombardo in a Kilt in a scary sight.

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    newguy Guest


    1st time going to fdic and will only be there sat any recomendations on were to go and what to see

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    Ladder Man Guest


    If you are only there for a day, you will barely have enough time to get through all the exhibits. If you are there through the night, go to the party at the union hall, or stay downtown. There is plenty to see and do.....

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    lumpy649 Guest


    Well, boys... i just returned from Indy, and lemme just say- WOW!!!

    Starting with classes, I took the (HOT)16- hour "Incident Safety Officer" class, and that was long, but very informative. I also took "Millenium Engine Company: Bunker Gear, Black Fire, And Balloons" taught by Andrew Frederick of FDNY, and would definitely recommend that to all engine officers, regardless of how much time you have on the job. You'd be suprised at some of the little things you forget in time. "Positive Pressure Attack" was another, and although the instructors tried to kill some of the rumors surrounding that tactic, I'm still a little hesitant to endorse it. "Crew Development for the Company Officer" was another highly recommended course, and some of the lessons learned there will hopefully allow me to regain the focus necessary to find the correct path for bringing out the very best my firefughters have to offer. There were just a few more, but I'm a little tired after just getting back home, and I can't quite think clearly. I will say this... if you can afford to go, GO! You will defintely have acces to top- notch training and instruction from some very good people in the service. In fact, you really can't afford NOT to go...

    Now... the nightlife...

    -Circle Center- ROCKS!!!
    -Slippery Noodle- ROCKS!!!
    -Ike and Jonesy's- ROCKS!!!
    -Hooters- Need I say it?
    -Indy Station 13- Nice firehouse, great guys.
    -Rock Bottom- Great food!
    -Alcatraz- Ditto!
    -PF Chang's- *burp...*
    -The city itself- Impressed, downtown is really clean and nice, as compared to DC...
    Hotel- except for the fact that I could walk to the airport in two minutes, nothing special. Next year, we stay downtown.

    So... yeah... I guess it was okay, sort of . Seriously, I will definitely have to go next year. The training was invaluable, the city was cool, the chance to meet brothers from every conceivable place on earth was refreshing, and the exhibits were great. Oh... did anyone catch the tribute to the fallen brothers in the morning on Wednesday? I was the white helmet (E10 Lieutenant on the frontpiece) in the middle of the second row onstage. That almost brought me to tears... please, be safe brothers. 97 doesn't sound like a large number, but my chief was in the audience, and when he saw four of us from my department on stage representing a fallen one, he stated that it drove the point of the ceremony home. Take care...

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    knappsk Guest


    Did anyboby check out the hockey tournament at the ice rink across from the dome? I played for one of the teams and had a blast, second year at FDIC, great time.

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