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    Post Laying a Supply Line.

    What is a safe speed to lay a LDH supply line?

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    Something below warp speed. Seriously, first gear is usually a good rule of thumb. As long as you don't hear bangin' ya should be alright.

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    as in everything we seem to do, there is no concrete "safe speed". too many influences on each layout to nail it down. however, if safe enough, most sources quote 5 to 8 mph as a target speed to lay hose. from what i have seen, that speed does a good job of letting the hose come off the bed and lay straight, as well as keep the couplings from banging on the tailboard. (if you hear them hitting the tailboard, you need to speed up a little if you can)
    get out and lay the line off at different speeds, and see what works for your hose load. there is no better teacher than doin' it on the training ground. the worse teacher shows up on the fire ground..........
    be safe

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    We lay it at speeds up to 35 mph with no problems.

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    I think the limiting factor is if you have a bar spanning the end of your hose bed, above the tailboard. If you don't have one (our '97 engine does not for example) I think LDH can be laid at a pretty good clip, as LHS is saying. If you have the bar, at higher speeds, the couplings will smack the bar. We usally lay at about 10 mph.

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    A safe speed all depends on the conditions presented to you. Weather,traffic,and road conditions all play a role in the safest speed. The most important is the safty of your crew,bystanders and not to damage the apparatus. Our drivers are told not to exceed 25mph when droping a supply line.

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    Same problem as JohnM, solution - we took the bars off.

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