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    Post Death rates with vs. without nearby FD

    In working with a new VFD in my county, I've encountered the question of how much more likely someone is to die in a fire when there is no fire station within five miles (five miles b/c the ISO factor). i.e., How much less likely are the residents of the new FD's area to die with a station now close by?

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    I can't answer the question with numbers, but I would like to see the result's if someone know's? I would think how close you are to the station would be more about what was left at the end and not who died. I think the life safety issue would be more about smoke-alarms, education, prevention, and escape routes?


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    Death rates are in fact higher in rural areas than the average built up area in the US but not as high as some of the worst states.

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    the proximity of the fire station does not assure survival. we had a fatality in a building 4 blocks off a main street, and 400 feet from a staffed station. capt. called for a second alarm from the kitchen of the station due to volume of fire visible.(probably one of the few to call for a second in his underwear!!)
    ISO generally does not consider life safety as much as dollar property loss. the only way to improve survival is to have detectors and a evac. plan.

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