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    Post Practical Jokes against another Firehouse/Company

    There was an earlier post by Sonny Sampson on firehouse pranks against other firefighters in your station; how about pranks against other companies/department?
    How many times have you and your buddies hopped onto the engine/pumper one night and gone on over to the company down the street and raised a little hell with them? For instance, lighting them up with a sudden burst of fireworks into their bunk room in the middle of the night, or a deck gun let loose into their bays in the middle of winter! Sound like fun! These are a few of the many, many pranks that we have played on one another in our department. Brings the best out in people. Let me here what some of you folks have done, I'm sure there have been some good ones.

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    It's so political around here I would be afraid of loosing coverage so noone can play pratical jokes on other fire companies around here really. It would most likely mean being taken off the cards. It sucks as you really have to walk on egg shells when talking to other guys. It's weird it seems like it's all the older guys that hold silly grudges against the other companies because of things that happened years ago. Now if all the younger guys were running it it would be one big happy firefighting family. all well, maybe someday.

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    When I was with my previous department, we would come down for back-in assignments, and re-arrange most of there station. We usually started with the dorm room. We would take there beds apart and stack them in the corner. Then we would take the entertainment center and turn it around so it faced the wall. Next, we would take there couch's and turn those upside down.
    There was one time when their Assistant Chief left the windows down in his POV, so we decided to fill the inside of his truck with toilet paper.
    When I can remember what else we did I will post them.

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    There is a company close too us that likes to brake are chops. Their younger guys so their full of **** and vinegar. So it was final payback time. We went to a pet shop and got about 100 crickets and put them in their house all over the place. Everywhere you went you heard those things.(for days) Needless to say the kids stopped their BS.

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    I like the one from Rescue 77 where the medic let himself be caught leaving the station as the company was coming back from a call...he had a bag full of junk and tools and he dropped a wrench (on purpose). They tore the whole place apart thinking he did something to the station.

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    Originally posted by DOG 4035:
    There is a company close too us that likes to brake are chops. Their younger guys so their full of **** and vinegar. So it was final payback time. We went to a pet shop and got about 100 crickets and put them in their house all over the place. Everywhere you went you heard those things.(for days) Needless to say the kids stopped their BS.
    HAHAHA, I love it, that would drive anyone nuts in an instant!

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    We threw dead fish up in the gutter of there station. Then we put more in there dumpster. We did this in the summer, so you could just imagaine the stench. When the battion chief went over there he about died. He went in screaming and yelling. The guys said that some as^$^le threw fish guts in the dumpster and they have been trying to clean it out. Everyday the smell got worse and worse. They kept cleaning the dumpster but the smell would not go away. They still did not know that the smell was coming from the gutter. They did not find the fish in the gutter for about a week. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    Lol...i like the one from *third watch* when Carlos is new and kim has peanut butter on her boot, but says its dog crap....and then takes her finger and wipes some off and eats it and Carlos almosts pukes....And also considering im only 15 but love firetrucks and ambulances cuz i wana be a paramedic and im trying to expand my vocabulary so what is a *POV* Thanks Dave

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    POV - Personally Owned Vehicle, Privately Owned Vehicle, other variations depending on where you're from - basically YOUR car, as opposed to the CHIEF'S car or that big red truck w/gold leaf on the door.

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    Like most departments in today's world, it is getting harder to "have a little fun". One practical joke I remember from the "old" days was when my company stopped by another station after a late night run on a cold (-5) January night. Using the booster line, we sprayed down their cars with water. The next morning they had to use a blow dryer to unfreeze the locks and move the cars into the apparatus bay to "thaw out".

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    There are all kinds of "Fun" jokes that can be played, just remember not to go to far.
    After work it not uncommon to stop by the station and unwind from the day. Just don't fall asleep as you may be tied to the chair that you are in.

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    Thumbs up

    We had two stations down here getting into a pretty serious station war that their cheif had to put a stop to. The thing that I most remember though was when I was coming in one morning and they were all up drinking their morning cups of coffee. What had happened was that two of the guys that were on the rescue were up watchin TV that night and they heard that engine go out on a brush fire or something and immediately jumped in the truck and headed over there. When they got there, they took everybody's sheets off of their beds and put em' into the washing machine. It took the guys a little while to find their bedding, and when they did, they wern't that happy. Everybody else got a pretty god kick out of it though.

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    Where do I start? I could post on this topic for days........

    When I was at 6 in Downtown Richmond, we had a young energetic crew. In fact we had wet ever company around us except 12 ( figured we needed one friend).....it got pretty crazy with 10 & Rescue 2 though. One night after 10 and the rescue had attacked us in quarters, a fireman working for me that night had a friend at communications, he had him call 10 on the red phone (Direct line) and ask if everything was allright? They said yes and asked why? He said a police car had spotted a firetruck on the block behind them and the firemen were walking towards 10. They had 9 men on duty 3 were in bed, we later found out they were screaming for everyone to get ready cause 6 was coming to attack. they had men on the roof with buckets and a hoseline they waited for an hour, of course we never left quarters. They were calling us on the phone, but we didn't answer it cause we were suppose to be on the air. After an hour I answered the phone and they were sure that they had scared us away..We played dumb with them and that convinced them more...The best part is we never left the engine house.....

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    Hey Dog,
    That cricket thing is pretty good. I'll keep it in mind.

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