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    tillerman14 Guest


    Hey osiris500,,,,,329?????????

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    mongofire_99 Guest


    Didn't see the show, don't know all the details, so maybe I shouldn't say anything.

    But having been to a couple of "suicides in progress" myself, in this situation and with the zero amount of training the PFD sounds like they get for water rescue and probably zero training for suicide negotiations, I can think of 2 places I'd rather not be...

    On the edge of a bridge over a river with some guy that wants to die.

    In the water 250' off shore with some guy that wants to die.

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    OSIRIS500 Guest


    To clear things up: I stated in my first post that it was a lack of action by both FD and PD.I did not place all blame on the PFD. It is my opinion that they(PFD and PD) handled the situation poorly, and I am entitled to my opinion. Just by watching the tape you can see they were ill prepared for such a case. I apologize because my intent was not to bash they entire PFD or PD, I'm sure they do a good job. Just like any department the mishaps of a few give the whole dept a black eye. My post was to get responses of the actions of those units that responded that day not the entire dept, and to bring up another similiar case a couple of years ago on the Woodrow Wilson bridge incident they had a jumper( I believe he had a gun) Who held up traffic because he wanted to jump. The police shot him off of the bridge into the water, But guess what was waiting for the man at the bottom A boat! Just my opinion.

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    iwood51 Guest


    ArmyTruck, awesome post brother, gives the spin that the Monday morning quarterbacks didn't think about.

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    RWK Guest


    I agree with much that has been said by everyone - on both sides. It is difficult to comment if you weren't there. It is also difficult when there is on-scene video. None of us have to worry about this (unless we were there) - the courts and 12 people (who were also not there) will will sort it out for us.

    The important thing is that there is clearly a problem associated with responses of these types. It is in everyone's interest to learn from the event. Is there a gap in training? Poor multi-agency coordination? Resource problems? On-scene/IC problems? No system is perfect and things happen. The real tragedy would be if no one learned anything from this so that there is a better response next time. (Maybe the scrutiny will push some people to take action).

    It will be a sad day when we can't take a critical look at what we do and be honest. Sometimes we do it in private and other times we have an audience.

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    Bob Snyder Guest

    Thumbs down

    I'm all for stepping back and taking a critical look at what we do, BUT that needs to be done by people with access to the relevant facts and the requisite training and experience to understand and interpret the story told by those facts.

    Dateline almost definitely can't have all the relevant facts.

    Dateline probably doesn't care about having all the relevant facts.

    Dateline definitely doesn't have the requisite experience to properly interpret them, even if they did care about the relevant facts.

    Dateline wants sensational stories that make people squirm and, consequently, that sell advertising, regardless of (or in spite of??) the facts.

    Dateline sucks, that's a fact.

    'nuff said.

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    RJE Guest


    For the post-mortem, leave that to Philly PD and FD, based on what really happened.

    Just my opinion, but I think if I'd been I/C I'd have set out the ALS gear on the bank, but I know I wouldn't go in the water with a jumper. I might go in the water once I knew he was unconsious. They tend to fight back when awake.

    And finally, as far as Dateline (and network TV in general is concerned), why don't you just boycott them all! I haven't watched any of those kinds of shows since the early 80's, when I recognized how biased they were. So for the first time in 20 years one's ad catches my eye. I tune in, and .....

    I think it'll be about another 20 years before I watch another one.

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    OSIRIS500 Guest


    and to answer tillerman's question. NO not 329 .Further north.

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    haliganbr Guest


    There you go again, shooting off your mouth over some news, which didn't even happen in your own county. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones. Look in your own back yard. I even bet your the type who goes to every fire thinking about a medal to pin on your chest. And by meaning further north i know what you mean. A-499, sorry they don't give out gold medals for helping sick people.

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    OSIRIS500 Guest


    Halligan bar . I am not an ambulance jockey if you must know.

    [This message has been edited by OSIRIS500 (edited 02-16-2001).]

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    FireLt1951 Guest


    Originally posted by ArmyTruckCompany:
    As a resident of Philadelphia, I feel like I should comment on this. Please understand that much of what I am about to say is hearsay, heard at kitchen tables of various Philadelphia companies. Perhaps I should just reserve comment, but this whole thing had left a dark stain upon the PFD; which I believe is grossly unjust. I apologize in advance if anything is untrue.

    -Members of the PFD have no formal training on swift water rescue, other than on the job expierience or training taken off duty, with the exception of Rescue Company 1. (and I understand that their training is minimal)

    -Marine Company 2 is stationed on the same river (The Schuykill River for you out of towners...say "skool kill") However it is stationed approximately 7-8 miles downriver, and even if it could have reached the scene in a timely fashion (top speed is approx 12mph) it couldn't get there, because the draft of the boat exceeds the available depth.

    -Marine Company 1 is stationed on the Delaware River, and would have taken every bit of 1.5 hours to have gotten there (again, draft of the boat exceeding available depth)

    -The Phila. PD has the "Authority", the responsibility, or whatever you want to call it for handling swiftwater rescues.

    -The Phila PD does have units stationed at various places on the Schuykill, however, The "in water" boats are all downstream of where this incident occured. You must understand that this incident occured in an area that is "above" several dams- unreachable by "in water" boats. The PD does maintain several units equipped with inflatables, however rumor has it that due to budget constraints they are not manned year round and only during peak "summer " times. I believe this event occured in the spring.

    -Rumor has it that the PD believed the man to be armed, and advised ALL personnel to stay AWAY. This also included when he fell in the water.

    -Rescue 1 does carry some swiftwater equipment- however, rumor has it that they were using a spare rig that day, and they can't carry everything on the spare piece.

    What occured is definetly a shame. However, where was Dateline when units of the PFD in Southwest Philadelphia made HUNDREDS of rescues in floodwaters that occured virtually instantaneously during Hurricane Floyd?? There is plenty of news footage of this incident that they could have used to present a positive sidebar. Or where was Dateline when a pier housing a nightclub collapsed into the Delaware River, sending over 100 people into the largest freshwater port in the US?? Over 100 people went in the dark murky depths, in an area where the river is approx. 3/4 of a mile wide, with shipping channels, and lots of pleasure craft traffic- and yet there were only 3 fatalities......Where was Dateline that night??

    -Those of you who question the PFD- Why don't you call 215 686 1776, and ask for Fire Commissioner Hairston's office, and ask him why he returned over 2 Million dollars from his FY 2000 budget back to the city?? Why not use some of that money to train the members on swiftwater rescue?? Ask him if his personal agenda is more important???? The more money he turns back in, the better it looks for him....I hope for the sake of the Baltimore FD that he doesn't get the job there....The man just really doesnt care about anyone or anything that does not affect Harold Hairston. Ask him why are the members using low-bid gloves?? Ask him why does the Philadelphia FD, the 5th largest FD in the US rank far behind the vast majority of FD's in the US in the area of exposure control and universal precautions???

    Before you pass judgement, come see what the members in Philly have to deal with. Yes, it's true that every city, town, and village will have money problems. But most of those places will tell the fire chief "We care, but there just isn't money".....Deal with it when you are told "We dont have any money and even if we did we dont give a sh*t." (knowing that there IS money because you are holding a copy of the budget in your hand...)

    I invite anyone to come and buff Philly with me- I will take you to several stations and you can sit down and have a cup of coffee with Philly's finest- if they aren't watching their cars out in the lot because the city won't fix the fence, or if they aren't out on the 90th first response of the morning for an OD....

    I'm done rambling.....

    Hey ArmyTruckCompany,I like your post.Sounds like the commissioner in philly has been talking to the commissioner in Detroit.They both attended the Poor Leadership Conference.I feel for the people of the PFD,they apparently have the same anti-fire department governing body as Detroit.

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    FireLt1951 Guest


    Hey ArmyTruck good post.Sounds like the Commissioner in Philly has been talking to the Commissioner in Detroit.They seem to have some of the same problems we do here.A bunch of anti-fire department clowns running the show.I feel for the people on the PFD.It's a great bunch of dedicated firefighters there.Keep up the good work people and don't let these yahoos get you down.

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    snowball Guest


    I can guarantee you that if this man had lived, none of this would have come up.
    The family is just trying to get rich quick.

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    HOTDOG Guest


    Irrelevant to whether or not the Philly Fire Dept. or PD is negligent, responsible, or right, the thing that really PI**ES me off is Datelines negative attitude. As I watched the segment I couldn't help but see the entire investigation putting a negative image on all fire service organizations who already have enough negative impressions to live down. We are all here busting our chops and riskin' our a** to do what we gotta do and some bunch of bureaucratic di**heads put ALL fireman in a bad light. Like many have stated before, what about all of the positive things that Philly FD has done over the past few years....for that matter, any FD has done over the years....

    I am not going to place blame on PHilly FD. I don't know the circumstances surrounding the incident, but they are probably like us in the fact that the PD is always in charge, even when they shouldn't be. Like the old sayin' goes, "Walk a mile in my shoes...". Some of us may not want to!!

    To hell with Dateline. I used to like their shows but with all the negative BS they have been putting out they are the ones that we need to be bashing, not Philly emergency services.

    All that watched this, use it as a learning experience in the fact that even though we may be doin' the right thing, in someone else's eyes were screwing up. Be prepared to cover your a**!

    Be safe, Be proud......

    These are my opinions and do not reflect the opinions and views of my department.

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