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    Red face CRACKED SCOTT AV-2000 Facepieces

    Just a heads-up to everyone using Scott 2.2 or 4.5 SCBA. There has been several reports of CRACKED AV-2000 facepieces. The cracks appear adjacent to the sealing surface of the regulator. Some of the cracks that I have seen are significant and could compromise the integrity of the facepiece. The cracks are typically very small and require a close examination of the facepiece to identify. We had previously called SCOTT and they suggested that we were possibly using too hot water for cleaning.....I don't think so since they are obviously designed for interior firefighting.

    E-mail me if you have specific questions.

    Joe Pechacek
    Hamilton Fire
    Hamilton, NY

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    Red face

    To the top !

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    We had problems with several of ours cracking and Scott replaced all of them under warranty.

    Anything i say in the forums is my opinion and does not reflect my department or any organization i belong to.

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    We have experienced the same problem. Of two dozen AV 2000 masks, over 50% have been replaced due to the cracking issue. It appears to be a problem they are aware of, as no questions are asked and the rep repairs them N/C (replaces the clear plastic facepiece). Also, our packs (2.2's) are older and the regulators had the older red gaskets, and our rep provided us with some of the newer gray gaskets which appear to reduce the tension and friction in the connection, my guess is this is a related issue.
    Stay safe

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    Our department had similar problems with our Cairn's Poineer packs. The voice diaphram on the front developed cracks around the diaphram, which was right infront of your mouth. Nothing like a couple of lungs full of poisonous gases and scalding hot air.

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