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    Post Too Many Fire Station?

    How many of you belong to a department that is in a town that has to many stations?

    Our department is located 10 miles east of Pittsburgh, we are a volunteer organization that runs both fire & EMS. The town has a population of 30,000 by night and 200,000 during the day, the town is 25 sq miles and we operate out of 5 stations. Apparatus includes 2 Trucks, 9 Class A Engines, 1 Mini Pumper, 2 Rescue Squads, 1 Air Truck, 1 Command Truck, 8 ALS Ambulances, 5 Squads, 5 Chiefs Units. Each station has a 1st due response area of approx 5 sq miles. There are approx 1200 Fire/Rescue calls and 3200 EMS calls each year. The general consensus is that we need to merge into 3 stations, what do you folks think?

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    jeez..Ithink you could do with 1 station.
    How close are they to each other?
    In PG County, MD they have stations that are less then 5 blocks from each other. Now THATS ridiculous...

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    I am also from Prince George's County, MD. There are too many firehouses too close to each other.

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    Each fire house is anywhere from 3 to 5 miles from one another.

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    Red face

    WOW! Do you man the station with Vollies or have response to station with personell? That is neat that you have that many stations. I think it would be benificial to have that many stations, both to support the amount of apparatus needed to protect 200,000 and to strategicly locate resources throughout the city.

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