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    Post Hydrant testing

    I am looking for feedback from any departments that are involved in hydrant testing or maintenance. Any SOP's or procedures used are welcome

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    Staylow Guest


    We test the hydrants in our first alarm area on a monthly basis. Each watch is responsible for testing a predetermined number of hydrants each week till they are done. We check the hydrant caps, the branch shut-off locations and caps, check the pressure against the previous month, and open each hydrant to flush the brown water. Once in a while a packing gland around a spindle will loosen and we will tighten it down, but any other maintenance is documented and sent to the water dept. Testing hydrants is no fun in bad weather, but it does get you out of the fire hall on slow days. It is also good to locate those hydrants in weird locations and helps you get familiar with your first alarm area.

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    S. Cook Guest


    We test ours twice a year.

    Being a VFD makes it tough so we pay personnel to do it. We used to pay by the hour, but you know how some folks pace themselves, so now we pay by the hydrant. We let folks that want to do it bid it.

    Basically we do it the way you're supposed to: cap guage on hydrant upstream and test the downstream hydrants until we get out of el-cheapo Wal Mart handheld range (about 3/4 mile). Then we move the capgauge and start over.

    The one exception is we test off the steamer instead of the 2-1/2". If we can't get a flow off the steamer, we close it then open both 2-1/2". If we still can't get it, we close one 2-1/2", test and report it to the water dept. for low flow.

    This year we will also be testing using the hose monster for hydrants on busy streets and where we would tear up yards.

    We'll also put the word out in the paper.

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