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    I'm sorry people the message didn't come out right on Mode b response. What I meant to say is I find it confusing when you are NOT using lights or siren going to a call people may mistake this color amber for an emergency color and start pulling over. I feel if you are not using Lights-siren nothing but Headlites should be used sorry for the mix up DFD132

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    My old dept. would occasionally run "citizen assist" and the like, or if we were out training, testing hydrants, or doing inspections. On these calls, we never turned any warning lights on. Headlights only (if it was dark), normal turn signals, etc. The only thing we'd do, is if we were testing a hydrant and parked on (and usually 1/2 off) the shoulder, we'd turn the "move over" lights on. Our lightbar had the moving yellow "move left" arrows like you see on police cars.

    And since we drove yellow/green trucks, most people thought we were the water dept.

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    DFD 132- I am a bit confused...Are you saying you go on Non-emergency responses with the 4-way flashers on?

    My dept- Headlights on or off(usually on) but it is drivers option.

    Two cents from a fireman.

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    Red face

    Sorry Fred No on most of our firetrucks we have flashing Strobes all over the top, back, sides I think these lights may be confusing to general public. Nothing to do with 4 ways or the turn signaling system sorry. DFD132

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    DFD... I would say that flashing lihgts would probably confuse people if they recognize that the lights are from a fire vehicle. Some states have different light colors that are set aside for specific uses, but the average Joe-on-the-street might not know what these colors are and what they mean. If it's not important enough to warrant a response, then going enroute wouldn't make any difference with or without any type of secondary warning light system, and might only confuse already absent-minded drivers.

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